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Spot the signs you need to look out for

There are a number of signs to look out for if you suspect a young person is being sexually or criminally exploited. If you recognise some of these behaviours then you should ask for help or report your concerns. If you can, keep a note of anything that worries you.

  • Receiving unexplained gifts/items.
  • Poor attendance at school or not going to college or work.
  • Increased conflict and erratic behaviour.
  • Bullying others.
  • Irrational emotions and manic behaviour – ranging from extreme anger to extreme sadness.
  • Becoming emotional or moody.
  • Going missing or returning home late.
  • Being picked up by unknown adults in unknown vehicles, including taxis and delivery vehicles.
  • Returning home with injuries.
  • Speaking to people online who are unknown to them.
  • Signs of drug use or drug taking equipment.
  • Sexual health concerns.
  • Significant changes in presentation.
  • A lack of personal hygiene.
  • New and expensive clothing such as costly trainers.
  • Becoming distant from family and friends.
  • Becoming withdrawn from usual social networks.
  • Self-harm, threatening suicide or suicide attempts.
  • Excessive use of mobile phones.
  • Using multiple mobile phones and SIM cards.
  • Being secretive about their phone.
  • Concerns raised by friends, neighbours or the local community.
  • Possessing weapons.
  • Getting arrested.
  • Expressions around invincibility or not caring about what happens – ‘others have their back’ and ‘what’s the worst that can happen to them’.
  • A sudden and over use of street language.

If you are worried about a child or young person you must report it!