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Young person's year of wellbeing

This is your year to feel happier and healthier...

Together with the Young People's Forum, we have launched the young person's year of wellbeing, a year long campaign aimed at inspiring borough youngsters to make small changes for big improvements to their wellbeing.

The words "Young person's year of wellbeing" in yellow text on a turquoise background.

Watch Councillor Kelly Middleton talk about the young person's year of wellbeing...

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Struggling with your mental health? Get help today!


If you are struggling with you mental health, call someone. It is important to talk about how you are feeling.

You should reach out and speak to someone if you think you are experiencing, anxiety, depression, heightened sense of worry or if you are in a crisis.

Support for children and young people...



Recharge can support you if you are aged 12 to 21 and have issues with drugs, alcohol or any addiction, or if you live with a family member who struggles with addiction.

Telephone: 01952 660 000
Mobile: 07486682606
Email: info@rechargetelford.org.uk
Website: www.rechargetelford.org.uk

School nursing

Each school has a school health drop in. Anyone can refer in, parents teachers, themselves. Appointments in schools, or out of schools.

Telephone: 0333 358 3328
Email: shropcom.adminleonardst@nhs.net