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Granville landfill site, Redhill

Granville landfill site is an active landfill site located off Grange Lane in Redhill, on the eastern side of the borough and within the Donnington and Muxton parish boundary.

Since 2019 the site has been managed by Potters (Midlands) Ltd and takes a variety of domestic and commercial waste including non-hazardous biodegradable waste.

The landfill operation is regulated under an Environmental Permit by the Environment Agency . There is more information on the Environment Agency's website.

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Who manages the site?

Granville landfill site is owned, managed and operated by Potters (Midlands) Ltd, who took over the site in 2019.

Who controls what goes in the landfill?

The permits issued by the Environment Agency give details on the waste types and quantities that are allowed to be accepted at the sites. 

The operator has responsibility for controlling the waste accepted onto site.

What can I smell in the area near the Granville landfill site?

Landfill operations will always have periodic smells, but these should not be a sustained event. 

There are two main sources of odour at a landfill site:

  • The waste as it is deposited can produce an odour like a household dustbin.
  • Landfill gases produced by the breakdown of waste over time.

These landfill gases can include hydrogen sulphide, which has a smell of rotten eggs. This is what residents can smell, although it can be smelt at much lower levels than the levels that can cause harm.

What are landfill gases?

Landfill gas is formed in a landfill when biodegradable waste (such as food scraps, paper, and wood) rot and decompose (breakdown by bacteria) or evaporate. The gas is a mixture of mostly methane and carbon dioxide. It also contains several other gases in small quantities. The gas, if not contained within the engineered landfill, can seep out into the air and lead to unpleasant odours. The different gases that can make-up landfill gas vary depending upon the type of waste on a landfill site and how far the waste has broken down.

Are the odours causing or going to cause health effects?

Unpleasant odours have been, and can be, smelt at various times by residents, and experiencing this type of odour can impact psychological and physical reactions which can lead to some residents likely to experience symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, and disturbed sleep.  Residents may also experience symptoms due to the hydrogen sulphide gas itself, such as irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. 
Please note that rashes in children are extremely unlikely to be connected to this odour, and there are childhood infections already in circulation, so you should seek medical advice if your child has a rash. Further advice on this is available on NHS England website - Rashes in babies and children

If you do have concerns about your health, please call 111.

The human nose is very sensitive, and there are many things that have a very strong smell, even at concentrations below which there are no long-term implications for people’s health. However strong odours are unpleasant and can impact on wellbeing, leading to stress and anxiety. People will react in different ways, and it is by no means certain that you will experience any symptoms at all. However, some people may experience physical symptoms, such as nausea, headaches or dizziness, as a reaction to strong odours, even when the substances that cause those odours are not at concentrations which would have long-term implications for people’s health.

Where can I find out more about what is being done to reduce impacts from the landfill?

The key to reducing the impact on the community is effective gas management on site. The Environment Agency is continuing to regulate the site as a priority to make sure the company make improvements to reduce the odour as quickly as possible.

The Environment Agency has developed a citizens’ portal for further information. Visit the portal here.

What powers do the council have?

The Environment Agency is responsible for regulating Granville landfill site and the way it operates, and are in contact with the operators to identify actions needed to address the odour issue. 

How long is this likely to go on for?

The Environment Agency is monitoring the site and has asked the operators to carry out a number of actions to reduce odour leaks. 

What impact does the weather have?

The main impact that the weather has on the odour is the prevailing wind direction, which may mean the odour is noticeable in areas on some days but not on others.

Where can I report my concerns?

Concerns about environmental incidents should be reported to the Environment Agency’s 24 hour hotline on 0800 807060.

Where can I find out more?

The Environment Agency has developed a citizens' portal for further information and updates. Visit the portal here.

Last updated: 24/07/2024 12:47