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Telford and Wrekin Council Privacy Notice

How we are using your information?

To understand whether specific central government funding has been effective in helping families turn their lives around and whether it is a good use of public money, the Government would like to combine personal data held by local authorities (such as names and dates of birth) with information routinely collected by Government Departments.

The progress of families who have been supported by this funding will be compared with those who have not. This will provide information about how effective it has been in reducing offending, truancy and getting people ready for work and will be used to help improve the programme and services you may receive in the future. It is important to note that the personal data (names, dates of birth and addresses) will be removed from any combined datasets before they are provided back to the research organisation (the National Institute of Economic and Social Research). This means it will be impossible for anyone to identify you from any published reports because information will be anonymised.

The combined data on your progress cannot be shared with Telford and Wrekin Council or used to make decisions about the treatment you currently receive – it will in no way affect any benefits, services or treatment you may be entitled to. The data can only be used for research with the goal of improving services going forward and is part of a larger evaluation of the programme. Your personal data will be destroyed at the end of the research.

All data will be transferred, handled and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Legally binding agreements are in place between Telford and Wrekin Council and the research organisation and agreements are in place between Government Departments to ensure that all parties comply with the strict rules on handling, transferring, storing and destroying the data under the Data Protection Act 2018.

View the contact information for the Organisational Delivery and Development team.

If you would like more information see our Privacy Notice Frequently Asked Questions.

Telford & Wrekin Council and its partners, including Health and the Police Service, are engaging in the Department of Education’s Strengthening Families Protecting Children programme and are one of a number of authorities adopting the Family Safeguarding Model to improve outcomes for children and families within the borough. Visit the Government Guidance Website for more information.

As part of implementation, Telford and Wrekin will share information with the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care to evaluate our adoption of the Model and measure impact on services within Telford and Wrekin.

For further information please contact Richard Worton, Senior Research and Intelligence Officer.

Last updated: 21/12/2020 14:06

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