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Women and girls safety survey

In Spring 2021, we asked women and girls to share their views on their safety when out and about in the borough generally and in for some specific areas.

We received over 800 responses and the findings went on to inform the approach we have taken so far to improve safety for girls and women across the borough. Now part of the Safer Stronger Communities project, our actions fit broadly in to one of four themes.

  • physical environment
    • more and improved CCTV
    • bus shelters improved including increased natural surveillance
    • environmental and security audits completed to improve the feeling of safety in identified areas.
  • voice of women and girls
    • people with lived experience influencing decision making boards
    • Co-production of solutions for problem areas
    • views of women and girls regularly include din evaluation of actions.
  • education
    • Loudmouth Theatre In secondary and further education performing 'Calling it out'
    • workshop delivered in 13 secondary schools
    • active bystander training delivered.
  • night time economy
    • taxi marshals used to support safety of people journeying home
    • CCTV in taxis pilot project
    • active enforcement in known hotspots.

We want to continue to improve your feeling of safety in the borough and are interested in hearing your experiences and about the things that could make you feel safer.  We have produced a survey that will helps us to do that.

Complete the survey

Please complete the questionnaire by Friday 31 March 2023.

We appreciate that in asking you these questions you may recall distressing and traumatic circumstances. There are a number of sources of help and support in the borough and we would encourage you to use them now or in the future.

You may also have information that you would like to share with us that is not suitable for the questionnaire, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at safetysurvey@telford.gov.uk.

If you would like the question in another format or language please let us know.

Last updated: 21/03/2023 15:53

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