Conservation areas

The Council has recently drafted a Conservation Area Appraisal for Wrockwardine which includes a Management Proposals Plan. You can view the draft Appraisal and Management Proposals and make comments via email at or in writing to the Council to this address. The consultation will close on 4 August 2015.

Conservation areas exist to protect the special architectural and historic interest of a place. There are 7 conservation areas in the Borough, these are:

Date designated
Severn Gorge 1971 (extended Oct 1980)
Wrockwardine April 1999
Horsehay and Spring Village April 1999
Wellington January 1982
Newport 1970 (extended November 1976)
Edgmond March 1981
High Ercall March 1981 (extended 2010)

Within a conservation area extra controls are in place covering:

To demolish a building, or even parts of it needs planning permission. You will not need permission to:

  • demolish a building which does not exceed 115 cubic metres
  • take down any wall, gate or fence which is less than 1m high where abutting a highway or less than 2m high elsewhere

Minor work
You may need planning permission for building works which would normally be permitted elsewhere. More information can be found on the Planning Portal.

Within the Severn Gorge Conservation Area, we have introduced even tighter controls through the making of an Article 4 Direction to restrict permitted development. 

If you propose to cut down or prune any tree, whether or not it is covered by a tree preservation order, you need to give six weeks prior notice to the Council, for more information please view the Trees and hedgerows in conservation areas.

Conservation area reviews and management plans

The Government requires a regular review of all Conservation Area Appraisals and the creation and regular review of Conservation Area Management Plans. 

Management plans have been successfully adopted for Severn Gorge, Wellington, High Ercall and Edgmond Conservation Areas.

The Council has issued a Supplementary Planning Document giving guidance on appropriate designs for Shop Fronts and Signage in Conservation Areas this document can be accessed here: Shop Fronts, Signage and Design Guidance in Conservation Areas 

Further information on the management of conservation areas can be obtained from English Heritage. In addition to the existing areas, we continue to research and identify other potential conservation areas.

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