Education Noticeboard: 16 September 2021

Welcome to the Education Noticeboard. A round-up of news, guidance and key updates for education settings.

Included in this update

  1. Director Update
  2. COVID 19: Further updated guidance for schools 
  3. COVID-19 vaccinations: Resources for schools
  4. ‘Council of the Year’ title awarded to Telford & Wrekin Council 
  5. Plant a tree for the Jubilee
  6. Over £15,000 awarded to young people across the borough 
  7. Pre-exclusion Hotline: 07816372459
  8. Operation Encompass reminder 
  9. Updated Ofsted Safeguarding inspection guidance 
  10. Updated DfE guidance: Sexual violence and sexual harassment in schools
  11. Meeting the Ofsted requirements for Equality and Diversity, for Governors 
  12. English as an Additional Language (EAL) Network Meeting 
  13. Information requested regarding pupils stuck abroad 
  14. Funded Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Training 
  15. Funded Autism Awareness sessions 
  16. Shout Out for SEND (SOS) Group – Young Persons Forum 
  17. Annual Review Workshop – Thursday 16 September 2021 at 4pm 
  18. Autumn 2021 School Census
  19. Forest School Practitioner Training  Revalidation 2021-22 
  20. New Suite of National Professional Qualifications for Middle, Senior Leaders, Head teachers
  21. Professional Learning National Conference 
  22. CPD courses for School Staff, Senior Leaders, Governors and Executive Head Teachers 
  23. Pantomime classic Aladdin coming to The Place, Telford this Christmas
  24. Bike to School Week 2021 
  25. Rescheduled date for Smash Life motivational talk 
  26. SNAC Fun Day 
  27. National Citizen Service Autumn Activities and skills booster 16+ offer 
  28. Free Mentoring education professionals taster session 

Director Update

Dear Colleagues

Autumn Term is now well and truly underway. It has been heartening to see how well so many of our children and young people have handled their move into new schools and settings.

Kicking off with some good news I am delighted to share that Telford and Wrekin have been named Council of the Year, in the Public Service Excellence Annual Service Awards. Once again, this is a testament to the hard work of everyone who works across the many services.

As you will no doubt be aware, the government has announced that all young people aged 12 and over will now be offered one dose of their COVID-19 vaccine, imminently. We have provided a briefing about this for secondary colleagues in the noticeboard. In addition the Health Protection Hub have updated their guidance for schools. Please do take a look.

A reminder of the Pre-exclusion Hotline is included. This has received really positive feedback and we have worked with a number of settings using this initiative.

Other items include information on how to get involved with local celebrations for The Queen’s Jubilee, an update on the Telford & Wrekin Council’s Leader and Cabinet’s Young Person Grant Scheme, a number of safeguarding updates, some equality and diversity resources plus various updates and events.

There is, as always, a list of the CPD courses that are available for booking, so do take a look and take the opportunity to add to your skillset. As well as this, there are also details of some additional specialised training such as Autism Awareness, and ASC Lead Training.

Hoping you all have a good couple of days, heading into the weekend.

Best Wishes

Simon Wellman
Director of Education and Skills

COVID 19: Further updated guidance for schools 

The Health Protection Hub Relationship with Schools document, last sent out on 3 September 2021, has been updated to include:

  • a checklist to support schools when they have a positive COVID case (see page 7 of this guidance)
  • an amendment to the advice about when staff who are close contacts need to self-isolate which now states: where staff are identified as a close contact of a positive case and are exempt from self-isolation (for example they are double vaccinated) then they are not asked to self-isolate whilst they await the outcome of a PCR test but rather should continue to attend school.

The full, updated, document is available to download.

COVID-19 vaccinations: Resources for schools

The government announced on Tuesday 14 September 2021 that a single dose of the COVID Pfizer vaccine would be offered to all young people aged 12 to 15. Colleagues in health have been expecting this announcement and have therefore been planning the roll out of vaccinations in all secondary schools in Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire

The plan is to start the programme of vaccinations from Monday 27 September 2021 to allow time to collect consent from parents.

The vaccinations will be led by the School Aged Immunisation Service who work closely with schools over other vaccinations programmes including Human papillomavirus (HPV) and the current roll out of flu vaccines. The nursing service will be in contact with individual schools over the coming weeks to plan the roll out in your school; to consider what spaces each one has available and how this can be managed to ensure all people of the relevant age have access to vaccinations whilst minimising the disruption to school life.

Health colleagues are planning on inviting all schools with secondary aged young people to a Microsoft Teams meeting on Monday 20 September 2021 at 11am for an hour. This meeting will allow the nursing service to share details of how the roll out will operate and therefore give schools the chance to start some advanced planning. There will also be an opportunity for a question and answer session. Further details of this meeting will be sent to schools shortly.

Additionally, those young people who have been identified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable will be offered two vaccine doses, these will be administered through their GP. There are also plans to offer a ‘mop up’ clinic in Telford over the half term break for any young people who miss the opportunity to receive a vaccine in school.

The Deparmtent for Education (DfE) have published guidance for schools on COVID vaccinations, this can be found on the GOV.UK website:

Young people will be sent information leaflets by health colleagues alongside the consent forms, you might be interested in seeing advanced copies of these; they may answer some of the questions young people are asking, these are available to download.

‘Council of the Year’ title awarded to Telford & Wrekin Council 

Telford & Wrekin Council has been named Council of The Year at the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) Annual Service Awards 2021. The APSE awards, which were held last week in Birmingham, celebrate excellence in UK local government.

David Sidaway, Chief Executive of Telford & Wrekin Council, said: “I am so proud of everyone working across Telford &Wrekin Council. They have all stepped up over the last 18 months to over-deliver on the huge range of crucial services our community needed most, displaying a level of diligence, innovation, care and compassion that marks them out as exceptional.

This award is testament to their efforts and I am delighted that the skills, dedication and sheer hard work displayed by everyone across Telford & Wrekin Council have been recognised on the national stage.”

Cllr Shaun Davies, Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council added: “This is terrific news. I am so proud that our council has been recognised in this way. Having been shortlisted for no less than five categories, it is evident that we really do excel across the board, and so I was delighted to see Telford & Wrekin Council announced as the overall Council of the Year.

“This announcement provides validation that Telford and Wrekin is leading the way nationally with innovation and service delivery for our communities. Of course, further improvements can always be made, but this award recognises that we have the structures in place to continue building on this terrific success.

“Our Co-operative Council values mean that we derive much of our success from our brilliant working relationship with our partners and our community, and so we would like to thank them very much. This last year has shown more than ever how important a partnership approach can be and this award highlights the successes it can bring.

“I’d also like to thank my colleagues in cabinet and our other members for their invaluable contribution to Telford and Wrekin’s success. We look forward to continuing our work to deliver our priorities and our vision to protect, care and invest to create a better borough.”

Plant a tree for the Jubilee

Telford & Wrekin Council is delighted to be working with the Shropshire Lieutenancy to support The Queen’s Green Canopy campaign to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, creating a lasting legacy that will beautify our communities and benefit our planet for generations to come.

As part of this, the council will be planting a Jubilee tree in each of the borough’s towns and parishes, planting smaller trees on its land, and encouraging schools, residents, community groups, businesses and landowners to get involved and plant trees too - starting in October 2021, when the tree planting season begins, through to the end of the Jubilee year in 2022.

Read more about our Jubilee plans on the Telford and Wrekin Newsroom, including how you can get involved.

Over £15,000 awarded to young people across the borough 

From 137 applications to the ‘Leader and Cabinet’s Young Person Grant’ this year, 64 local residents have been awarded a total of £15,315 to help achieve their future ambitions.

With a focus on education, employment or training, the grant has provided each winner with up to £500 to help with business funding, courses, laptops and equipment for coaching.

The bus service provider Arriva UK has also joined the initiative by donating 11 bus passes, enabling young people to reach college or work in places they might not have accessed otherwise.

Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council Cllr Shaun Davies said, “I am thrilled about the success of this year’s grant and how it is able to support so many of our young residents.

“Last year has been challenging for us all, but to see the enthusiasm, ambition and commitment our winners have for their future careers is excellent. We’re really pleased to help them take these next steps for a brighter future.”

Cabinet Member for Children, Young People, Education and Lifelong Learning Cllr Shirley Reynolds commented, “The number of applications received this year from young people across the borough is reflective of their desire to aim high and achieve.

“Being part of the selection process for this year’s winners, it is safe to say that all of the recipients have exciting futures ahead of them!”

Carys Clempner, aged 21 from Muxton, received a portion of the grant money to invest in headshots for her Higher Education acting course.

She said, “Being awarded the grant money was such a weight off my shoulders, knowing I could invest in some high quality headshots without the financial worry that would have come with it. 

“I feel like I can finally kick-start my acting career and have the best foundation to show everyone what I’m capable of without financial hurdles getting in my way!”

A celebration of this year’s winners will be held in October 2021.

More information about the Leader and Cabinet’s Young Person Grant is available on the Telford & Wrekin Newsroom.

Pre-exclusion Hotline: 07816372459

During the Summer Term of the last academic year, a new Pre-exclusion Hotline was trialled across Telford & Wrekin. A lot of positive feedback was received about this resource and the support that came with it, to aid discussions around each child before an exclusion took place.

A number of schools used the Hotline, however it is now time to refocus the intention of use so that schools are aware of the how to access the support on offer.

We would like to remind you that the Pre-exclusion Hotline is available as a pre-exclusion support and not for use after an exclusion has already taken place. Once a school is considering an exclusion that is the ideal time for schools to contact the hotline so that a member of the team can come out to school to meet with the young person, aid discussion and assist colleagues to de-escalate the situation.  

The team look forward to continuing to work alongside schools, providing this valuable same day on-site support to prevent an exclusion from taking place The intention is always for the young person to remain in school, in line with the Telford & Wrekin strategy to reduce exclusions.

For more information with regards to the team, please contact BSAT Team Leader (Darren Lennon) by email at

Operation Encompass reminder 

The purpose of an Operation Encompass alert is to enable a Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) to monitor the child (or children) and offer any appropriate support to them as required.

The alert does not give any detail about the incident. This means education staff are not able to identify who the victim or perpetrator is. The alert only gives the child’s details and the fact that an incident has occurred. It also instructs that no action needs to be taken by the education setting.

An Operation Encompass alert contains the following:

Operation Encompass Alert From West Mercia Police
This e-mail is to make you aware that above named pupil has been present or resident in the household at the time of a Domestic Abuse Incident. No action needs to be taken on your part. Family Connect may contact you during the School day, to provide further information.
However, if you have further information or concerns relating to the safeguarding or welfare of this pupil please contact Family Connect on 01952 385385 to report your concerns.
*** Operation Encompass is a multi agency project aiming to raise awareness within schools of pupils who have been witness/involved in a domestic abuse incident and consequently may come into school acting differently ***

Education staff should not contact parents to discuss Operation Encompass alerts, unless they are contacted by Family Connect, and asked to do so.

For more information and resources for schools on Operation Encompass please visit their website. Any queries can be sent by email to

Updated Ofsted Safeguarding inspection guidance 

Ofsted has updated its ‘Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills’ guidance for England to include a section on its review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges, and to outline the expectations placed on providers in alignment with the Department for Education’s (DfE's) updated guidance on keeping children safe in education.

The full guidance is available on the GOV.UK website.

Any queries can be sent by email to

Updated DfE guidance: Sexual violence and sexual harassment in schools

The 2021 version of ‘Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges’ is now in force in England. The advice covers children of all ages, from primary through to secondary stage and into colleges and sets out what sexual violence and sexual harassment is, how to minimise the risk of it occurring and what to do when it does occur or is alleged to have occurred.

Summary of the updates to the Department for Education (DfE) guidance on sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges in England.
This briefing summarises the updates to the Department for Education (DfE) guidance on sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges in England. This guidance updates earlier guidance published in May 2018 and is in force from 1 September 2021.

It highlights best practice and cross-references other advice, statutory guidance and the legal framework. The guidance is for governing bodies, proprietors of independent schools, head teachers, principals, senior leadership teams and designated safeguarding leads.

The DfE has updated this guidance in line with the revised statutory guidance ‘Keeping children safe in education’ (DfE, 2021b), which is also in force from 1 September 2021.

Part one: what do we mean by sexual violence and sexual harassment between children?

The context
The guidance sets out the context for sexual violence and harassment between children. The updates include:

  • All staff working with children are advised to maintain an attitude of ‘it could happen here’.
  • Schools and colleges should be aware that safeguarding incidents and/or behaviours can be associated with factors outside the school or college, including intimate personal relationships.
  • It is essential that all victims are reassured that they are being taken seriously and that they will be supported and kept safe. A victim should never be given the impression that they are creating a problem by reporting sexual violence or sexual harassment. Nor should a victim ever be made to feel ashamed for making a report.
  • Schools or colleges need to provide the alleged perpetrator(s) with an education, safeguarding support as appropriate, and implement any disciplinary sanctions. The guidance points out that a child abusing another child may be a sign they have been abused themselves or a sign of wider issues that require addressing within the culture of the school or college. Taking disciplinary action and providing appropriate support, can, and should, occur at the same time if necessary.

The evidence
The evidence highlights why it is important that all school and college staff have an understanding of what sexual violence and sexual harassment might look like and what to do if they have a concern or receive a report. This section of the guidance has been updated with the most recent evidence.

What schools and colleges should be aware of
The updated guidance states that schools and colleges should be aware of and respond appropriately to all reports and concerns, including those outside the school or college and/or online. It points out that not recognising, acknowledging or understanding the scale of harassment and abuse and/or downplaying some behaviours related to abuse can lead to a culture of unacceptable behaviour, an unsafe environment and in worst case scenarios a culture that normalises abuse leading to children accepting it as normal and not coming forward to report it.

Sexual violence
The guidance points out that it is important that schools and colleges are aware of sexual violence, the fact children can abuse their peers in this way, and that it can happen both inside and outside of school or college.

The updated guidance states that schools should be aware that sexual assault covers a wide range of behaviour, and adds to the list of examples:

  • a single act of kissing someone without consent or touching someone’s bottom/breasts/genitalia without consent, can still constitute sexual assault
  • causing someone to engage in sexual activity without consent could include forcing someone to strip, touch themselves sexually, or to engage in sexual activity with a third party.

Sexual harassment
The guidance points out that when referring to sexual harassment it is referring to ‘unwanted conduct of a sexual nature’ that can occur online and offline – the update clarifies that this can occur both inside and outside of school/college.

Examples have been updated to include:

  • consensual as well as non-consensual sharing of nude and semi-nude images
  • sharing of unwanted explicit content
  • ‘upskirting’ (a criminal offence).

Harmful sexual behaviour
The advice and support section for Harmful Sexual Behaviour has been updated to include information on sources of confidential, specialist support and advice from the specialist sexual violence sector.

Part two: what are schools’ and colleges’ legal responsibilities?
Schools and colleges have a statutory duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children at their school or college.

The updated guidance now states that:

  • schools and colleges have a statutory duty to co-operate with safeguarding partnerships once designated as relevant agencies, and that safeguarding partners are expected to name schools and colleges as relevant agencies and engage with them in a meaningful way
  • Relationships Education (for all primary pupils) and Relationships and Sex Education (for all secondary pupils) and Health Education (for all pupils in state-funded schools) is now mandatory.

The updated guidance also states that schools and colleges should consider what they can do to foster healthy and respectful relationships between boys and girls including through Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education. Schools and colleges should ensure that their response to sexual violence and sexual harassment between children of the same sex is equally robust as it is for sexual violence and sexual harassment between children of the opposite sex.

Part three: a whole school or college approach to preventing child on child sexual violence and sexual harassment
The guidance states that the best responses to child sexual violence and harassment are those which take a whole school or college approach to safeguarding and child protection.

Extra-familial harms
This section of the updated guidance points out that all staff should be aware that safeguarding incidents and/or behaviours can be associated with factors outside the school or college and/or can occur between children outside of these environments. Extra-familial harms can include: sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation, sexual abuse, serious youth violence and county lines.

The updated guidance also states that all staff should be aware that technology is a significant component in many safeguarding and wellbeing issues and that children are at risk of abuse online as well as face to face.

The role of education in prevention
The updated guidance emphasises that Relationships Education for all primary school age pupils, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) for all secondary school age pupils, and Health Education for all pupils in state-funded schools is compulsory. It includes new links to information to support teachers to deliver these topics safely and with confidence, and clarifies that schools choosing to deliver relationships or sex education as part of a timetabled Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) programme are free to continue with this model where that provision meets the requirements of the framework of core content.

Guidance has been expanded to include a recommendation that teachers should let the designated safeguarding lead and other relevant staff know when they are teaching topics relating to sexual consent, sexual exploitation, abuse, grooming, coercion, harassment, forced marriage, rape, domestic abuse and FGM, so they are prepared to support pupils who disclose or are affected by the issues raised.

The updated guidance also states that good practice allows children an open forum to talk things through, and that such discussions can lead to increased safeguarding reports. Children should be made aware of the processes to raise their concerns or make a report and how any report will be handled. This should include processes when they have a concern about a friend or peer. All staff should be aware of how to support children and how to manage a safeguarding report from a child.

Part four: responding to reports of sexual violence and sexual harassment
The guidance acknowledges that reports of sexual violence and sexual harassment are likely to be complex, requiring difficult professional decisions to be made. It points out that any decisions are for the school or college to make on a case-by-case basis, with the designated safeguarding lead (or a deputy) taking a leading role.

The update states that governing bodies and proprietors should ensure that the school or college contributes to multi-agency working in line with statutory guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children (DfE, 2018).

Support for schools and colleges
The guidance states that schools and colleges should not feel that they are alone in dealing with sexual violence and sexual harassment.

Updates to the guidance include:

  • the multi-agency safeguarding partners including local authority children’s social care should have a comprehensive range of effective, evidence-based services in place to address assessed needs early
  • for more complex needs, or where there are child protection concerns a referral to children’s social care should be made.

Responding to a report
The guidance states it is important to note that children may not find it easy to tell staff about their abuse verbally. Children can show signs or act in ways that they hope adults will notice and react to. The guidance points out that if staff have any concerns about a child’s welfare, they should act on them immediately rather than wait to be told. It points out that as per part one of Keeping children safe in education (DfE, 2021b), all staff should be trained to manage a report.

Updates to the guidance include:

  • the school or college’s initial response to a report from a child is incredibly important. How the school or college respond to a report can encourage or undermine the confidence of future victims of sexual violence and sexual harassment to report or come forward
  • It is essential that all victims are reassured that they are being taken seriously, regardless of how long it has taken them to come forward and that they will be supported and kept safe
  • abuse that occurs online or outside of the school or college should not be downplayed and should be treated equally seriously.
  • staff should recognise that an initial disclosure to a trusted adult may only be the first incident reported, rather than representative of a singular incident and that trauma can impact memory and so children may not be able to recall all details or timeline of abuse
  • staff should keep in mind that certain children may face additional barriers to telling someone because of their vulnerability, disability, sex, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation.

Action following a report of sexual violence and/or sexual harassment
Schools and colleges should carefully consider any report of sexual violence and/or sexual harassment both online and offline, including those that have happened outside of the school or college.

The updated guidance outlines likely scenarios for schools and colleges to consider when managing any reports of sexual violence and/or sexual harassment. It points out that it is important that decisions and actions are regularly reviewed and that relevant policies are updated to reflect lessons learnt. It is particularly important to look out for potential patterns of concerning, problematic or inappropriate behaviour.

Unsubstantiated, unfounded, false or malicious reports
This is a new section in the guidance.

The guidance states that:

  • if a report is determined to be unsubstantiated, unfounded, false or malicious, the designated safeguarding lead should consider whether the child and/or the person who has made the allegation is in need of help or may have been abused by someone else and this is a cry for help. In such circumstances, a referral to children’s social care may be appropriate
  • if a report is shown to be deliberately invented or malicious, the school or college should consider whether any disciplinary action is appropriate against the individual who made it.

The full guidance is available on the GOV.UK website.

Meeting the Ofsted requirements for Equality and Diversity, for Governors 

Telford & Wrekin are aware of the ever increasing need to ensure governors are aware of school’s responsibilities in relation to Equality and Diversity Legislation and to ensure that racial incidents are identified, recorded and reported accurately. A course has been designed to meet this need.

This course will:

  • consider the key OFSTED and national legislation and guidelines relating to equality and diversity in schools
  • develop an understanding of governors’ roles and responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity and the promotion of fundamental British Values
  • look at why issues around equality and diversity need to be central to the ethos of a school
  • explore ways of promoting positive approaches to equalities and diversity.

Delegates will gain an understanding of:

  • how schools can meet their duty to eliminate discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and foster good relations between pupils
  • how embedding equality and diversity in the school can support all children's social, moral, spiritual and cultural development
  • how schools can meet the needs of minority ethnic pupils and those learning English as an additional language.

The session will take place on Wednesday 14 September, 6 - 9pm online, via Microsoft Teams.

Full details are available to download.

Support for individual schools and settings to deliver quality bespoke Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is available upon request. Please visit the website for more information.For more information visit the Multicultural Development Team website. Please direct any queries to Kirsty Holden and Qamar Maqsood by email to or by telephone on 07855148693 or 07800671756.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Network Meeting 

EAL coordinators are aware of the ever increasing gap in learning that EAL pupils are developing due to lockdown.  The next English as an Additional Language (EAL) Network session will provide an opportunity for participants to get information on the following:

  • Achievement the School of Sanctuary Award.
  • Engagement with the Council’s key focus of Equality and Diversity provision including evaluation of practice with school settings using the new audit tools, developed by MDT.
  • Flash Academy Assessment provision to improve attainment.
  • EAL and Maths work group opportunities.
  • Updates (Afghan Refugees, ethnicity groups in Telford, new EAL resources and research).
  • Feedback from the South Asian Heritage Month in July 2021.
  • Information regarding the Black History Month Workshops in October 2021.

Delegates will improve their understanding of:

  • Effective ways to support EAL learners and promote their access to the curriculum.
  • Planning Black History month.
  • How to ensure the Equality and Diversity legal requirements are met in your school
  • New templates to ensure Race Equality policies are up to date following recent events.
  • Access to online resources, free workshops and MDT free training.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, 21 September 2021. 4pm - 5.30pm online via Microsoft Teams.

Full details are available to download.

Support for individual schools and settings to deliver quality bespoke Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is available upon request. Please visit the website for more information.For more information visit the Multicultural Development Team website. Please direct any queries to Kirsty Holden and Qamar Maqsood by email to or by telephone on 07855148693 or 07800671756.

Information requested regarding pupils stuck abroad 

A request for data was made in the Spring Term, at the request of the Department for Education (DfE). It helped identify 39 Telford & Wrekin pupils stuck who were stuck abroad but still on the roll at various schools across the borough.

It was important to repeat the request for the Summer Term.  An impressive number of school, attendance clerks, Educational Welfare Officers (EWOs) and school administration staff responded. It is appreciated how busy you all were in those last few days of the term, and thanks go out to you all.

Some interesting information came through from the Telford & Wrekin borough:
Several local schools had expressed concern at high numbers of pupils who were abroad for long periods of time, some with no return date arranged and still on school roll. This also continued to be a National concern with Countries added to the Red list and families unable to return.

Information collected during the last week of Summer Term showed that during that Term there were 40 pupils who were stuck abroad, 23 who had returned to their school, 12 who were taken off roll and 5 who remain abroad. 

Many schools are concerned about keeping the child on roll in these circumstances and the Attendance Support Team (AST) will help with advice and guidance regarding de-registration. However, if a return date is unknown, or the family went abroad without notifying the school it is advisable to write to the parents (via email if the family are already abroad) requesting further information and informing them of the date the child should return to school by or be at risk of losing their school place.

School places cannot be held indefinitely, but these unprecedented circumstances need to be considered.  AST are advising schools of appropriate action but also appreciate that each case needs to be considered individually before a decision is taken to remove the child from the school roll. The Pupil (Registration) Regulations (England) 2006 have to be adhered to in all cases to be able to delete a child’s name from the register.

Schools should also complete a Children Not Receiving Education/Children Missing Education (CNRE/CME) referral if a child has been absent for more than 10 consecutive school days and submit it to .

Please do not hesitate to email the team if you would like advice about a child who is currently abroad.

Funded Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Training 

Currently underway is a huge drive on increasing the understanding of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) within Telford & Wrekin schools, to increase inclusion. All schools are asked to co-work towards achieving this whole-borough vision. To support this co-work, and make achieving this vision a reality, a funded place is being provided for a one member of senior staff from each setting to attend the ASC Lead training, during the forthcoming Autumn Term.

Why does my schools need an ASC Lead?
A lead autism practitioner is needed in every school in Telford. The ASC Lead can then drive planning the support and provision for children with social communication needs, across the school. 

What impact will the ASC Lead have in my school?
Having an ASC Lead will enable all young people to have an increased sense of belonging to their school and promote inclusion. This is essential because it will increase the holistic development of each young person identified with ASC. 

In addition, if requests are made for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), schools will be able to demonstrate levels of interventions linked to the graduated response. Furthermore, the acquired skills across all school staff will assist with the presentation of young people to the emotional health and wellbeing panel for consideration to be placed on the ASC pathway. The content of the Autism Education Trust (AET) links to the Ofsted framework for inspection, and therefore will support each school when engaging with Ofsted Inspectors.

Next Steps
Schools are asked to sign up one member of staff for the ASC Lead training. Please identify the member of staff who is, or will be, the autism lead in your school and ask them to sign up to just one of the dates below. The autism lead will need to be a senior member of your team who is able to oversee the development of policy and practice.

The dates are as follows:

  • 13 October 2021
  • 3 November 2021
  • 10 November 2021
  • 17 November 2021
  • 24 November 2021
  • 1 December 2021
  • 8 December 2021

To book a place on a course, please send a completed CPD booking form by email to
The booking form is available online.

Once your member of staff has received the ASC lead (Leading Good Autism Practice, or LGAP for short) training, they are encouraged to then begin to organise the delivery of whole school training. This can be achieved by contacting Michael Lane (Senior Educational Psychologist and ASC Lead) who will co-ordinate the allocation of training staff to schools. He can be contacted by sending an email to

Funded Autism Awareness sessions 

Places are available on one of two Autism Awareness sessions for people working with and supporting adults in Shropshire or Telford & Wrekin and will be funded by Health Education England.

To increase knowledge and perception of autism in adults and its impact on the way individuals experience their lives.

Learning outcomes - Learners will be able to discuss and describe:
• Relevant statutory guidance: Autism Act 2009.
• Responsibilities in relation to the Autism Strategy for Shropshire.
• The Autistic Spectrum.
• Social, communication and sensory issues that may be experienced by an individual with autism (triad of impairments).
• Importance of structure and routine.
• Associated behaviours and environmental aspects that may affect the individual.
• Co-existing conditions.
• Experiential thinking, executive functioning and stimming.
• Person centred tools, visual learning and reasonable adjustments.
• Local and national support.




12 October 2021

09:30 - 13:30

The Lantern, Shrewsbury

17 November 2021

09:30 - 13:30

The Lantern, Shrewsbury

The poster, which contains more information, is available to download.

Shout Out for SEND (SOS) Group – Young Persons Forum 

Shout Out for SEND (SOS) is a group of 11-25 year olds who meet every month to ensure they have the chance to have their voice heard and to influence the decisions in Telford & Wrekin SEND and the Information Advice and Support Service (IASS service).

Over the autumn term the group will be writing to school councils to see how they can work together with the forum. The group would like to actively encourage young people to share their views and feedback to influence decisions both for themselves and other young people in Telford.

Some of the projects that SOS have worked on include:

  • Designing the Local Offer Mascot.
  • Creating a section for young people on the SEND Local Offer and IASS webpage.
  • Sharing their views to help support other young people to understand. Education Health and Care Plans and Special Educational Needs and support.
  • Designing a workshop on Annual Reviews for Young People.

The next SOS Meeting is being held on Tuesday 21 September 2021, 4-5pm.

To find out more or to book your place please send an email to

Shout Out for SEND on Facebook:
You can find out more about the group by joining the SOS Facebook page.

We understand that not all young people are able to join the group but we would still like to hear their views on services and share ideas, so we, in partnership with IASS, have created a closed Facebook site for the SOS group.

Search for Shout Out for SEND on Facebook and request to ‘Join Group’ (young people will need to be over the age of 13 to access this Facebook Group). Please can we request that this information is shared with any students who may be interested.

Annual Review Workshop – Thursday 16 September 2021 at 4pm 

All schools and settings are invited to join an Annual Review Workshop on Thursday 16 September 2021, 4pm - 5pm via Microsoft Teams.

During the workshop the SEND Team will be providing updates on Annual Reviews, sharing reminders and top tips. There will be an opportunity for schools and settings to share their feedback and participate in a Q&A session. The workshop will be held virtually on Microsoft Teams and is suitable for SENCo’s and professionals who are interested in finding out more about Annual Reviews.

Invitations have been sent to all SENCo’s in the past week.  If you didn’t receive an invitation, or are new to your role and would like to attend the Annual Review Workshop please contact us with your name, position and school by sending an email to and we will send an invitation to you today.

Following the workshop the presentation slides will be shared with everyone on the invite list. The Top Tips and FAQ’s will be published on the SEND Local Offer website and in the September edition of the SEND Newsletter.

Autumn 2021 School Census

As you are aware the Autumn 2021 School Census takes place on Thursday 7 October 2021

In order to obtain your true school lunch funding allocation you are encouraged to put on a ‘special’ lunch to encourage as many of your pupils as possible to take up school meals on this day. If a pupil is NOT in on census day they cannot be marked as taking a school lunch unless they are absent through recognised ‘unusual circumstances’

More information is available on the GOV.UK website. Guidance notes will be sent out in due course.

Please contact Eileen Finnigan with any queries by sending an email to or by telephoning 01952 388136.

Forest School Practitioner Training Revalidation 2021-22 

Places are available on Forest School Practitioner Training and Assessment and Forest School Practitioner Revalidation courses for 2021-22.

Both courses will be run from Ceris’ beautiful wild woodland on Pontesford Hill. The training is 100% outdoor based and Ceris will have participants ‘doing’ as they learn, this way everyone comes away with a practical working knowledge of all aspects of Forest Schools, including sound practical skills and a thorough understanding of the theories and benefits relating to good Forest Schools practice.

OCN Level 3 Forest School Practitioner Training and Assessment

  • Training Course: 13 to 17 June 2022.
  • Assessment Course: 10 to 14 October 2022.
  • Fee: £650 per participant
  • Trainer: Ceris Turner of Rooted CIC, Pontesbury, Shropshire.

This training will give you everything you need to set up and run a full forest school programme in any setting.

The training is accessible, comprehensive, adaptable and fun! You will be inspired, motivated and full of confidence in both your practical woodland skills and your ability to use this ‘tool box of skills’ to have a profound positive effect on your groups.

Forest School is a holistic approach to learning, focusing on the tremendous development opportunities available when engaging with the outdoors. It is process based learning, with the ‘journey’ being key to the learning. Forest School promotes emotional intelligence, self-esteem, independent thinking and a whole host of other personal development skills that impact on every area of the learner's life. Forest School is for everyone from nursery to teens and beyond.

On an explicit level, the child/individual perceives their learning as:

  • Fun, challenging and exciting!
  • Lots of 'proper' child play; den building, making shelters, exploring...
  • Using traditional wood-craft skills.
  • Gaining traditional tools skills.
  • Understanding and practicing basic survival and bush craft skills.
  • Using the art of responsible fire making for means of cooking, warmth and social interaction.
  • Believing in the importance of our delicate ecosystem and how to look after our local environment, plant life and animal habitats.
  • Experiencing an awareness of seasonal changes
  • Hands on problem solving and creative thinking.
  • Much, much more!

On an implicit level, children/individuals:

  • Use their imagination!
  • Leave behind social pressures related to material and social status.
  • See their worth and abilities related to tasks where there is no measurement. They are valued based on their contribution.
  • Be themselves and be valued for being themselves.
  • Use language and interaction based on the principals of Emotional Literacy. Helping develop positive relationships with themselves and others.
  • Improve gross and fine motor skills.
  • Engage in all curriculum areas in a more natural way through learner lead investigation and play.
  • Develop all 5 areas of emotional literacy.
  • Develop a love of the outdoors and learning!

This training will give you the tools and knowledge to create life changing programmes and experiences for the people that you work with.

Forest School Practitioner Revalidation Course

Recommended on a three yearly basis by Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire Local Authorities to ensure that practitioners are updated in developments in Forest School thinking and are competent in delivery. The day will be great hands on fun, sending people away confident in their skills.

  • Training Course date options
    • Friday 8 October 2021
    • Friday 12 November 2021
    • Weds 11 May 2022
  • Fee: £120 per participant
  • Trainer: Ceris Turner of Rooted CIC, Pontesbury, Shropshire.

If Level 3 Forest School Practitioner is a bit more than you or your staff want or need, consider Levels 1 and 2 Forest School Training with Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire Outdoor Learning Scheme
This scheme is for anyone interested in curriculum delivery through the outdoors and making the most of a free resource – the outside bits of your school, and that means ANY outside bits. Stepping into fresh air for even mini-moments will have positive benefits for teaching and learning.

The scheme replaces the previous Shropshire Forest School Network and now has 3 levels designed to meet different outdoor learning requirements.  It is designed to be enabling, confidence building and to develop competence.

  • Level 1: Learning Outside the Classroom Practitioner Certificate
  • Level 2: Forest Skills Leader Certificate
  • Level 3: Forest Schools (national award)

For further information please email

New Suite of National Professional Qualifications for Middle, Senior Leaders, Head teachers

As we start a new academic year, conversations will be starting around appraisal targets for you or your colleagues as a teacher or leader. Through the Shropshire and Telford Education Partnership (STEP) exciting opportunities for quality professional learning are being offered through the new National Professional Qualifications, launching in November.

The Alliance of Leading Learning NPQs launch in November.  We have previously introduced this to you via our SWAY.  

Places are starting to fill up as we see a return to proper live professional development whilst reducing numbers for the safety of our teachers and leaders. It is important that the local community of schools across Shropshire and Telford benefit from these opportunities, so please secure your places by registering before 30 September 2021.

The following aims to bring you a summary of the important messages but please follow the links to full information and to book places.

Specialist NPQs:
National Professional Qualification for Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD)
National Professional Qualification for Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC)
National Professional Qualification for Leading Teaching (NPQLT)

To ensure our schools get cutting edge training, even if you have already done an NPQ at any level you can now undertake one of the new Specialist NPQs.

Leadership NPQs:
National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL)
National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)
National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders (NPQEL)

Funding is available on all programmes if your school is in the top 30th Percentile of Pupil Premium. Schools will have received a phone call and e-mail from Sue Stoddart at STSA informing of eligibility for funding. However, if you want to find the list you can do this via the website. Additional funding is also available for NPQH and NPQLTD.

The New Specialist NPQs and the NPQSL will be delivered in Oswestry and Telford (see cluster teams).   NPQH and NPQEL will be delivered to a larger cohort at a centralised location with quality conferencing facilities.

More information is available on the Leading Learning website. Please send any queries by email to or telephone 01691 664445.

Professional Learning National Conference 

The last STEP Professional Learning National Conference received outstanding reviews for the quality of keynote speakers and the impact the workshops had on work based learning. Previous speakers include Ian Wright and Professor Robert Winston.

This year delegates can look forward to hearing from Richard Gerver, Zareen Roohi Ahmed and Professor Mick Waters.

STEP want to bring delegates back to a safe, live face-to-face impact-led conference with inspirational speakers, experts leading a pick and mix range of workshops and a question time panel of experts. They are supporting an innovative school-led system which is always evolving: learning from the best.

The details:

  • The Early Bird rate is great value for money at £150 per person
  • To attend the conference on Monday 29 November 2021, booking must be made by 30 October 2021.
  • To secure your place go to our Booking Form and enter ‘early bird’ in the discount code box.

STEP are also offering 50 free conference places to STEP colleagues on a first come first served basis to those who book onto an NPQ.  Book using the discount code "NPQ STEP".

More information is available on the Visit the Leading Learning website. Please send any queries by email to or telephone 01691 664445.

CPD courses for school staff, senior leaders and governors and Executive Head teachers 

The 2021-2022 CPD Booklet is available on the Telford Education Services website and we very much look forward to receiving your bookings.

Many of courses are now returning to face to face delivery, although for practical reasons and delegate preference, some remain online.  Whilst restrictions around COVID-19 have now eased, we continue to work hard to provide venues with suitable space, ventilation and effective safety procedures.  Online courses continue to be charged at a slightly lower rate to reflect savings made by not using external venues.

Online HMI Briefing for Secondary Leaders (book by email)

Monday 20 September

4pm to 5pm

The Essential Induction Event for Early Career Teachers (CPD 521) (online)

Tuesday 21 September

4pm to 5.30pm

EAL Network Meeting (CPD 526) (online)

Tuesday 21 September

4pm to 5.30pm

Forest School and Outdoor Learning for Practitioners Working within EYFS (EY 201) (face to face)

Tuesday 21 September

4pm to 5.30pm

Newly Appointed Designated Safeguarding Leads' Training (2 days) (SG 102) (face to face)

Wednesday 22 September

Thursday 23 September

9.15am to 4pm

ELSA Training - Part 2 (EPS 004) (face to face) FULL

Wednesday 22 September


9am to 3pm

MAPA Refresher (BSAT 212) (face to face)

Thursday 23 September

9am to 11.30am

ECT Induction Tutor - initial training (CPD 520) (online)

Thursday 23 September

4pm to 5.30pm

SENCO: Establishing Yourself as a SEND Leader - part 1 (LSAT 302) (online)

Monday 27 September

9am to 3.30pm

Safeguarding Arrangements for School Leases (online)

Monday 27 September

5pm to 5.45pm

Teaching Children with SEND: Meeting the Needs (LSAT 508)

Tuesday 28 September

4pm to 5.30pm

Taking the Chair - Part 1 (GO 504)

Tuesday 28 September

4.30pm to 6.30pm

An Introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EY 001)

Wednesday 29 September

4pm to 5.30pm

Designated Safeguarding Leads Refresher (SG 107) (face to face)

Wednesday 29 September

9.15am to 3.15pm

ELSA Training - Part 3 (EPS 004) (face to face) FULL

Wednesday 29 September

9am to 3pm

Management of Actual or Potential Aggression (MAPA training) - Part 1 (face to face)

Thursday 30 September

8.30am to 4pm

SENCO Network Meeting - Fair Share Briefing (LSAT 227) (online)

Thursday 30 September

4pm to 5pm

Early Years Conference (EY 105) (face to face)

Friday 1 October

9.15am to 4pm

Safeguarding Arrangements for School Leases (online)

Monday 4 October

2pm to 2.45pm

Induction Training for New Governors (G0 502)

Tuesday 5 October

9.30am to 3.30pm

Early Career Teacher Network (CPD 720) (online)

Tuesday 5 October

4pm to 5pm

Creative approaches and new ideas for sharing stories within the EYFS (EY 301)

Tuesday 5 October

4pm to 5.30pm

ELSA Training - Part 4 (EPS 004) (face to face) FULL

Wednesday 6 October

9am to 3pm

Weaving Literacy and Mathematical Development into a Broad EYFS Curriculum - Part 1 (EY 304) (face to face)

Thursday 7 October

1.15pm to 4pm

Recently Qualified Teacher Development Programme (CPD 507)

Thursday 7 October

4pm to 5.30pm

Child Protection Supervision (SG 203)

Thursday 7 October

9.30am to 12.30pm

Developing the Role of the EAL Coordinator (CPD 616) (online)

Thursday 7 October

3.45pm to 6pm

Management of Actual or Potential Aggression (MAPA training) - Part 2 (BSAT 201) (face to face)

Thursday 7 October

8.30am to 12.30pm

Promoting Oral Health in the EYFS  (EY 310)

Thursday 7 October

4pm to 5.30pm

RE/ SACRE twilight visit to a place of worship (TBC)

Tuesday 5 October

4pm to 5pm

Managing Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment in Schools (SG 201)

Monday 11 October

9am to 12noon

Raising Awareness of Prevent (SG 101)

Tuesday 12 October

3.30pm to 5pm

Developing Early Years & Childcare Provision - supporting school sustainability and child outcomes (EY 113)

Tuesday 12 October

9.15am to 12noon

The Role of the Early Years Practitioner in Supporting and Enhancing Play (EY 008) (face to face)

Tuesday 12 October

1.15pm to 4pm

Best practice in your breakfast, after-school and holiday provision (EY 104)

Wednesday 13 October


9.15am to 12noon

Youth Mental Health First Aid (PSS 001) two days

Wednesday 13 October

Thursday 14 October

9.15am to 4pm

(both days)

An Introduction to EAL for Early Career Teachers (CPD 527) (online)

Wednesday 13 October


3.45pm to 6pm

ELSA Training - Part 5 (EPS 004) (face to face) FULL

Wednesday 13 October


9am to 3pm

Taking the Chair - Part 2 (GO 504)

Wednesday 13 October


4.30pm to 6.30pm

Autism Spectrum Condition Training (EPS 107) FULL

Wednesday 13 October


9am to 4.30pm

Motivational Interviewing Webinar for Head teachers

Thursday 14 October

9.30am to 12.30pm

Employee Investigations Training (HR course)

Thursday 14 October

3pm to 5.30pm

Governors' Responsibilities for Exclusions (SG 104)

Thursday 14 October

5pm to 7pm

Meeting the Statutory Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements of the EYFS (EY 009)

Thursday 14 October

4pm to 5.30pm

SENCO Network Meeting – Briefing (online)

(LSAT 227)

Thursday 14 October

4pm to 5.30pm

Red Book Training (face to face)

Friday 15 October

All day – time TBA

Restorative Justice (PSS 003)

Monday 18 October

4pm to 5.30pm

EYFS: Areas of Learning and Development
Session 4: Literacy (EY 308)

Tuesday 19 October

1pm to 2.30pm

EYFS: Areas of Learning and Development
Session 4: Literacy (EY 309)

Tuesday 19 October

4pm to 5.30pm

The Strategic Role of Governors (GO 601)

Tuesday 19 October

4pm to 6pm

Understanding Nurture (PSS 101)

Tuesday 19 October

9.15am to 12noon

Designated Teacher for Children in Care Network Meeting (Post 16 ) (online)

Tuesday 19 October

4pm to 5pm

Assessing and Monitoring of progress in EAL (CPD 701) (online)

Wednesday 20 October

3.45pm to 6pm

SENCO: Establishing Yourself as a SEND Leader - part 2 (LSAT 302) (online)

Wednesday 20 October

9.15am to 12noon

Newly Appointed Safeguarding Governor Induction Training (SG 103)

Wednesday 20 October

5pm to 7.30pm

ELSA Training - Part 6 (face to face) FULL

Wednesday 20 October

9am to 3pm

Weaving Literacy and Mathematical Development into a Broad EYFS Curriculum - Part 2 (EY 304) (face to face)

Wednesday 20 October

1.15pm to 4pm

Child Development: Supporting Children’s Cognitive development in the EYFS (EY 311)


Wednesday 20 October

9.15am to 12noon

MAPA Refresher (BSAT 212) (face to face)

Thursday 21 October

9am to 11.30am

Absence Management of Employees (HR course)

Thursday 21 October

3pm to 5.30pm

Primary Science and Design & Technology Subject Leaders' Termly Update and Development Meeting (CPD 517)

Thursday 21 October

4pm to 5.30pm

Understanding and managing your school budget (GO 508)

Thursday 21 October

9.15am to 12noon

Raising Awareness of Child Protection (SG 108)

Thursday 21 October

3.30pm to 5pm

Early Career Teacher's Annual Professional Development Conference (CPD 514)

Friday 22 October

9am to 3.30pm

Course bookings with a course code are made by sending a completed CPD booking form via email to

Other courses and briefings without a course code are usually booked by sending your email address name and school name to

Pantomime classic Aladdin coming to The Place, Telford this Christmas

Aladdin, the pantomime where all your wishes come true, is coming to Telford.

Starring Coronation Street’s Tom Roberts as Abanazar; Winner Of BBC’s Let It Shine Sario Solomon as Aladdin; X Factor Finalist Sam Lavery as Princess Jasmine; back by popular demand Carl Dutfield as Wishee Washee; local favourite Chloe Barlow as The Spirit of the Ring; the hilarious Ian Smith as Widow Twankey; and introducing Nigel Peever as The Emperor of China.

Join our hero Aladdin, his mother Widow Twankey and his brother Wishee Washee as they embark on a magical adventure and try to defeat the evil Abanazar and foil his plan to become master of the world.

This magical pantomime features great songs, dazzling dance routines, stunning scenery, beautiful costumes and amazing special effects. With interactive storytelling, language, humour and audience participation of this classic story brought to life on stage.

It will be an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike.

Book in September with discount code WISH10 and purchase your tickets before 30 September to get an additional 10% off all school tickets!
School Groups of 10+ can save on tickets with a choice of daytime performances at 10am and 1.30pm between 8 and 17 December 2021. Contact the theatre team on 01952 382370 (Option 2) for availability. There is also a British Sign Language (BSL) performance on 29 December 2021 at 5.30pm and a relaxed performance on 2 January 2022 at 11am. This will be a specially adapted version of the show with a lighter environment and fewer bangs, suitable for those with autism, sensory communication disorders, learning difficulties or dementia.

More information about the show is available on The Place website. Queries can be emailed to

Bike to School Week 2021 

Bike to School Week 2021 takes place between 27 September and 1 October 2021 and is a great opportunity to celebrate cycling and scooting, as well as the positive impact it has on children’s health and wellbeing whilst being better for the environment.

Advantages include:

  • Be active and feel more energised
  • Help the environment by replacing a car journey
  • Improve local air quality and reduce congestion

It's free to take part and to download the resources. These activities aim to inspire pupils to think about their journeys to school, understand the benefits of active travel, and consider the causes and effects of air pollution.

Bike to School Week Resources

Does your school have pupils who regularly cycle to school? The Road Safety Team would love to hear from them! Throughout Bike to School Week Telford and Wrekin Council are putting together a short video of pupils thoughts and experiences of cycling to school. Please get in touch by sending an email to if this is something you could help with.

Rescheduled date for Smash Life motivational talk 

Join Tim Allin as he shares his real life story, who his role models were and what lessons he learnt from his own failures and mistakes.  The talk is a chance for children, parents and carers to be inspired and learn together.

The session will be held on Tuesday 5 October 2021, 7pm - 8.30pm, on Microsoft Teams.

The talk will be around an hour with chance for questions and reflections afterwards. 

Please send an email to to get the Teams link, and visit the Smash Life website for more information.

SNAC Fun Day 

Special Needs Activity Centre (SNAC) are holding a Fun Day on Sunday 19 September 2021, 2-4pm, on Hollinswood Pavilion and field. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome.

Attractions include:

  • Music and dance.
  • Art and craft tables.
  • Garden games.
  • Bouncy castles and ball pit.
  • Special guests - Farm on Wheels.
  • Free face painting and temporary tattoos.
  • Light refreshments available.

Stalls are also available on request, please contact Katrina on 07813 788094 for more information on booking.

The full address is The Pavillion, Draycott, Hollinswood TF3 2DN

National Citizen Service Autumn Activities and skills booster 16+ offer 

The National Citizen Service (NCS) has created a revised programme for autumn 2021, to help students aged 16-17 re-engage with education and get involved in their communities. Their Autumn activities offer the full suite of NCS experiences, in a condensed and flexible way.

Catch 22 have an exciting Autumn National Citizen Service offer that is FREE to all participants who are at least 16 on 31 August 2021.

The programme includes:

  • 3 day trips to an outdoor activity centre. Transport to and from the centre is provided by Catch22. Lunch is also provided by the centre. Activities may include abseiling, kayaking, high ropes – all aimed at developing team building skills.3 days of workshops encompassing life skills, public speaking, employability and finance workshops. This will either be based at the school or college or in a venue booked by Catch 22 if necessary.
  • The above 6 Days must be delivered within 14 days of each other
  • 30 Hours Social Action project. This will be youth-led but supported by NCS staff. These hours can be delivered any time before December 2021 but must be timetabled.

What is included?

  • Free for colleges/ sixth forms and students.
  • Focus on mental health and wellbeing.
  • Team building and reengagement activities.
  • Connect with local communities.
  • Create a social action project.
  • Optional sessions on careers, enterprise and political awareness.
  • Support students return to learning.
  • All activities are COVID-19 secure and safe.

How is it delivered?

  • 6 days of content plus social action.
  • Flexible dates across autumn.
  • Ideally consecutive days, but we can be flexible.
  • Can be built into curriculum, enrichment time or half term.
  • Fully staffed by trained and DBS checked NCS staff.
  • Can be delivered on or off site.

For more information visit the National Citizen Service website. Queries can be sent by email to ellen.o’

Free Mentoring education professionals taster session

The Post Compulsory Education staff at University Centre, Telford, are offering a free Mentoring Education Professionals taster session on Tuesday 19 October 6-8pm.

What will it cover?
This is introductory and will reflect on the roles of mentor and mentee and on informal and formal mentoring relationships.

You might already be a mentor and/or have been mentored in your professional lives. Such experiences are always going to give you useful insight but you shouldn’t feel that you have to have formal mentoring/mentee experience in order to attend this session.

Places are free but need to be prebooked. To register please contact them by email to or by telephone on 01952 277777. Alternatively booking can be done through Eventbrite.



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