Notice: 4 May 2021

A round-up of news, guidance and key updates for education settings.

Included in this update:

Belonging Intervention Project - Exclusion Reduction Team

Exclusion Hotline: 07816372459

What is the Hotline?

The Exclusion Hotline will be used by schools to alert the council of possible exclusions and to discuss support available to the school and young people at risk of exclusion or following an exclusion. The team will be able to support and discuss arrangements following an exclusion.

Support could include:

  • Attendance to a reintegration meeting
  • Running the reintegration meeting following a FTE
  • 1:1 work with school
  • 1:1 work with young person at risk of exclusion
  • Support in creating an Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP)
  • Discussion of alternatives
  • De-escalation support
  • Identification of support  

Who will be supporting the Hotline?

The Hotline will be manned by the current Behaviour Support Advisory Team (BSAT) and will bring the expertise from members of BSAT in supporting schools. There will be two duty members per day and this will allow contact in addition to support for schools and individuals. For more information with regards to the team, please contact BSAT Team Leader (Darren Lennon)

Why is the Hotline needed?

The need to exclude can be an emotive time for all parties involved and having a team able to support both in and out of school with this process can help the process. The team will be providing telephone support to best support colleagues facing issues of exclusions.

How the Hotline will work?

The team will be manning a duty phone number which will provide instant access to discuss a possible exclusion and to ask for support following a given exclusion.

Exclusion Hotline: 07816372459

When will the Hotline be open?

The Exclusion Hotline will be manned from 8:30am-4:00pm (Monday-Friday).

When not to use the Hotline?

The Exclusion Hotline is not the contact for confirming PEX or reporting a confirmed FTE to Telford and Wrekin. The team will forward such contacts to Sarah Coggins who processes PEX and FTE forms. Instead, we want to know about these young people before this point.

Download this information as a PDF.

For more information on the Belonging Intervention Partnership:
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