Organising an event

Before holding or planning an event, you must read and check the GOV.UK website for the latest guidance and advice on COVID-19Visit the GOV.UK website for information on events and attractions - Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Voluntary and community events are an important aspect to the Borough of Telford – they bring new visitors, local economic income and a great atmosphere!

There is a lot of hard work that goes into organising and running an event but when executed well, incredibly rewarding for organisers and audiences alike.

Guides and information

We want to make it as easy possible for you to plan and hold an event whether it is a small-scale event or a larger event. Below you will find useful links that will help you carry out your event safely and legally.

Download the community event toolkit for a full range of advice and guidelines to support you when organising your event. View information about the community event toolkit and download the community event toolkit.

The Department for Culture and Local Government (DCLG) have also produced a Visit the GOV.UK website for more information about the Can Do guide. The Can Do guide provides a central resource for people planning a range of community-led events.

It is essential for your event to be safe for employees, volunteers, performers and guests alike. View information about organising and running your event safely.

Please note: for all large events the Events Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) must be informed. Please forward full details of the event including all relevant paperwork to the ESAG guidance.

Download the Event Assessment Matrix for more information about identifying risks associated with your event.

Book an event

Please complete the application form below to book you event.

The event application form is not confirmation of your booking. If additional documentation is not provided on request then the event may not be given permission to go ahead.

Once all details have been confirmed, then the relevant charge will be made and payment must be at least 4 weeks in advance of the booking.

Complete our online form to hold an event

Visit the payment system website to pay for the event

Telford Parks and Open Spaces

Finding the perfect venue for you event can be tricky! Telford and Wrekin council offers a wide range of parks and open spaces ideal for a variety of events and festivals of all sizes.

Download our event information sheet for our Town parks:

If applying to hold an event at any of these locations, please download the terms and conditions.

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