In year admissions

Attention - school admissions and school appeals

Due to the current COVID-19 situation we envisage a serious delay to any in-year applications for school places. We recognise that our service is important to you and appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Download the new government guidance on school admission appeals

Before completing the application form please view our guidance notes on the in year application process for parents.

After submitting your application we will contact your preferred schools to find out if there is a place. We will send you the outcome of your application. We aim to give you an outcome within 15 school working days.

If you are offered a place you should contact the school to accept the place and arrange a start date. Your child will be expected to start within six school weeks. You should email us if you do not want to accept the place. It is still your responsibility for your child to continue to attend the school they currently attend until a new school has been identified.

Download guidance for school applications for overseas children

Last updated: 03/12/2020 09:44

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