Moving from children's services to Adult Social Care

When you turn 18 years old you will be classed as an adult, this will mean changes to the way you receive support from a variety of professionals and organisations. In Telford and Wrekin, we are committed to supporting our young people, their families and carers through this transition to ensure you get the best service you can.

We have a responsibility to you and your carers in adult services under a piece of legislation called the Care Act 2014. You will have been supported by different legislation before you turned 18 years old. If you’re leaving care then the Care Act may not be the only legislation supporting you. Your Social Worker or Personal Advisor will be able to tell you more.

You can find more information on the Care Act 2014 page.

Telford's transition process

In Telford and Wrekin we have transition social workers and an adult practitioner to work with some of our local schools. The adult practitioner will attend Year 9 and Year 11 reviews to gather information about you, your carer and/or parents. They will ask you and the people important to you what your aims are for your future.

We know the earlier we start talking to you and the people around you the more empowered you will feel about your transition.

This information will be shared with you and anyone you want us to share it with and stored on your electronic record by us.

What happens next?

From 14 years old you, your carer (including parents, family, and/or grand-parents) or your children’s social worker can make a referral to Adult Social Care.

When you are referred to Adult Social Care we will complete a Person Centred Plan with you to identify what your aims are for the future, what you would like to achieve and who can help you with this. This will be the start of your transition process Care Act Assessment. To find out more you can read the Care Act Assessment information page.

Everyone is entitled to an assessment; this will be your document and should reflect your wishes, needs and desired outcomes.

What support will I receive?

As part of your assessment, we will establish if you meet the Care Act eligibility criteria for care and support. For more information you can view our Eligibility Criteria information page.

As a result of your assessment you may be offered information, advice or be referred to another agency that we think will be able to help you; this is to ensure your needs are being met. If you are happy with this then we will close your record but you can come back to us again at any time.

If we identify that you have unmet needs after your assessment then we will support you to think about how these needs can be met. Again this can be from services in the community that can help you meet your aims. If we identify that you need paid care and support you will be assisted in completing a support plan. Your support plan will identify your care and support needs and will include your personal budget. To find out more you can read our personal budgets information.

Whichever way you choose to have your care provided, we will support you to review your care when it has been set up and this will happen every year after that.  If your needs change or you want to review your care you can request a review from us at anytime.

Once you turn 18 years old, if you chose to stay in education then we will support your Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP). You may already have an EHCP before you turn 18 years old, but the support you receive from Social Services will change as you may be assessed under the Care Act.

This process is all about you and what is the best way to help you meet your outcomes regardless of what type of diagnosis you have, what type of support you need or what support you have had previously.

Will I have to pay?

The assessment and any information and advice provided by the Council is free. The services you receive as a result of the assessment may not be free. Depending on your financial circumstances you may have to contribute to the cost of any support provided. To find out if you are eligible for financial support we will complete a financial assessment.

To find out more you can read the Paying for your Care information pages.

Last updated: 05/11/2019 12:17