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Headstones and memorials

In accordance with English Law, permission to erect a memorial can only be granted to the owner of the Right of Burial (the person named on the Deed of Grant) or another person who has the owner's written authority to do so.

For safety reasons, only memorial masons that are registered with Telford & Wrekin Council and have an industry specialist licence are permitted to carry out the following to headstones in Telford & Wrekin-managed cemeteries:

  • Install headstones
  • Fix and carry out structural repairs (such as re-levelling, additional stonework, fixing chips or cracks)
  • Repair gilding or re-lettering
  • Add additional inscriptions
  • Carry out deep cleaning using controlled or harmful chemicals (normal everyday cleaning by families is acceptable)

View our list of permitted stonemasons

Before choosing a headstone, please ensure that you know which type of grave you have a grant of deed for, as there are restrictions on the size and type - dependent on the type of plot that has been purchased.

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Important information

  • Any unauthorised headstones may be removed without notice and charges for their removal applied.
  • Although the risk of damage to your memorial is very low, it is strongly recommended that you take out an insurance policy to cover any eventuality. Your chosen stonemason will most likely be able to assist you purchase the appropriate cover.
  • We regularly carry out safety inspections of all headstones and memorials, and will take action to temporarily make safe a headstone when required to do so - in accordance with our Memorial Safety Policy.

Last updated: 27/03/2024 19:22

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