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Scheme of Delegations

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Constitution states that Chief Officers should keep an up to date list of all their nominations and authorisations to any other officers to act on their behalf to undertake any decision, duty, power or function and that this list should be published on the Council’s website.

This means that a Chief Officer may authorise a suitably trained and qualified officer, on their behalf, to exercise a function that has been delegated to them.

View the delegations which relate to each service area and list the officers granted each power under the scheme of delegation.

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Constitution provides for an Executive Style Arrangement (Leader and Cabinet) for the purposes of Governance as permitted under the Localism Act 2011.

As a consequence of The Local Authorities (Functions and Responsibilities)(England) Regulations 2000 and to enable the discharge of the Council Functions, the Council does have in place Committees and Sub-Committees for those Functions prohibited to the Executive as a result of the above mentioned Regulation. For example a Licensing Committee or a Planning Committee.

Where the discharge of the Councils Functions are required under statute or similar instrument be decisions by way of Committees and Sub-Committees only, the Council shall discharge those Functions according to those Committees.

However where Cabinet, Committee or Sub-Committee (where permitted by law) consider that the efficiency of the Councils Functions are delegable to Officers, the Cabinet/Committee, Sub Committee does so expressly under this Scheme of Delegation. View more information about the Scheme of Delegation.

Executive Directors, Directors, Service Delivery Managers and Council Officers/External Contractors (where permitted by law) are a group of Officers hereby authorised by the Local Authority to exercise delegated powers and duties on its behalf in connection to discharging those Functions detailed below in accordance with Section 101 Local Government Act 1972. Where any relevant power/duty requires expressly by statute or other similar instrument that an Officer within a group be qualified or suitably trained the Director/Head of Service will ensure that this is the case before any power/duties are exercised.

This Scheme of Delegation expressly confirms that those Group of Officers (within the appendices for the relevant directorate) are either a Executive Director or do report to the Executive Director and are hereby authorised by the Cabinet/Committee/Executive Director (without prejudice to implied authority/the Council's Constitution) for that function and further functions, matters, powers, authorisations, delegations, duties within this scheme shall be construed in a broad and inclusive manner and shall include the doing of anything which is calculated to facilitate or is conducive or incidental to the discharge of Council business in accordance with Section 111 Local Government Act 1972.

Last updated: 12/08/2022 11:13