E-billing and the My Business Rates account

We know that most people would prefer to receive their bills electronically rather than an old style paper bill.

We're also committed to helping the environment and reducing costs by the use of e-billing instead of paper billing. If you would like to help us with this then why not receive your council tax or business rates bills by email instead of through the post?

Not only will you be able to view your bill online, but you'll also be able to view other recovery documents which we may have sent you, and report any changes which may affect your business rates.

The benefits of e-billing:

  • you can view your bill as soon as it is available and as often as you like - 24/7
  • savings on postage and paper will help to minimise future collection costs
  • you will always know where your bill is
  • it is environmentally friendly.
  • register for e-billing

Register for e-billing or sign up to My Business Rates now.

Register for e-billing

Once you have registered for e-Billing and received your email confirmation/access code, please click here:

Sign into My Business Rates account

Last updated: 10.56am on Monday 4 February 2019

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