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What is Council Tax Reduction?

Universal Credit customers

Most working age customers will need to claim Universal Credit for help with their rent from 14 November 2018View our Housing Benefit eligibility page for more information about claiming as a Universal Credit customer.

Universal Credit will not cover Council Tax, so if you need help to pay your Council Tax, you will need to start a claim for Council Tax Reduction. If you are in receipt of Universal Credit or have made a claim and are only making a claim for Council Tax Reduction please use our short online form to make a claim for Council Tax Reduction.

In most cases we can verify your Universal Credit income directly with the Department for Work and Pensions. If you are entitled to Council Tax Reduction, you will receive a new Council Tax bill showing your entitlement. If you are not entitled, we will write to you. This will be by email if you have provided us with an email address.

Complete our online form for Council Tax Reduction for Universal Credit customers

Non-Universal Credit Customers and Pension Age Customers

If you are making a claim for Council Tax Reduction and you are not in receipt of Universal Credit, the quickest way to make an intention to claim is to complete our online form. Please read our Introduction page for details about eligibility.

You will be asked questions about your personal circumstances and be told what evidence you will need to provide.

At the end of the form, you'll be able to book an appointment for a Benefit Assessment Officer to call you back to complete your application. If you are not able to go online, please contact us on 01952 383838 and an appointment will be made for you.

Intention to claim online forms

There are separate online forms for customers of working age and those who have reached State Pension age. Visit the GOV.UK website to check your State Pension age. Unlike Housing Benefit and most state benefits, only one member of a couple needs to have reached State Pension age to be classed as State Pension age. The exception is if, as a couple, you receive a working age benefit, e.g. Universal Credit, then you will need to complete the working age form.

Complete our online intention to claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction (working age) form

Complete the online intention to claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction (State Pension age) form

It is important that you provide the correct information when asked on the form and during the appointment so that we can accurately calculate your entitlement.

Please make sure that you have all of your personal details ready when you complete the form, including:

  • your National Insurance number and that of your partner, if you have one
  • the full address that you want to claim for, including postcode
  • details of the income you and your partner receive. If you are State Pension age, you will also need the income details of any non-dependants who live with you (a non-dependant is an adult, such as a relative or friend, who does not live with you on a commercial basis)
  • if you or your partner are working, the name of your employer, date you started work, number of hours you normally work and how often you are paid
  • the full name(s) and date(s) of birth of everyone who lives with you
  • if you or your partner is not a British Citizen, the details of yours or their work history for the last two years.

What happens after I submit my form?

When you submit your form, you will be sent two emails. One will confirm the date and time of your telephone appointment. The second will confirm the evidence we will need to see. Whenever possible, please email this information to us at benefit.service@telford.gov.uk in advance of your appointment. Please also remember to include your name and address in the email.

It would also be useful if you could include the reference number you were sent in our appointment confirmation email. This will begin with an “e” and be followed by six numbers, for example e-123456.

Documents you will need to support your claim

Details of the documents you will need to provide if this is your first claim in the Telford and Wrekin area.
Evidence Example document to supply
National Insurance number National Insurance card, National Insurance confirmation letter, payslip, benefit award letter. If we need you to provide proof of your National Insurance Number, we will discuss this with you at your telephone appointment.
Identity Passport, driving licence, medical card, birth certificate, utility bill for your current address, marriage or adoption certificate, divorce document. If we need you to provide proof of your identity, we will discuss this with you at your telephone appointment.
Details of the documents you will need to provide for all claims.
Evidence Example document to supply
Earnings We can usually check the amount of your or your partner’s earnings with HMRC. If we are unable to check your earnings, we will discuss this with you at your telephone appointment.

If you have just started work, we will accept your Contract of Employment and the number of hours you are contracted-for to work out an estimate of your pay. You will then need to provide your first two months or five weeks payslips when you receive them.
Benefits and pensions We can usually check most Benefits paid by the DWP directly with them so that you don't need to provide evidence. We can also check most occupational pensions with HMRC. We will let you know at the telephone appointment if you need to provide proof.

If we need to see proof, we will ask you to provide a benefit award/entitlement letter, pension advice/pay slip, bank statement showing regular payment.
Bank accounts other capital and properties Last three monthly statements for each account, Post Office/savings book, premium bond certificate, stocks and shares certificates.

Proof of ownership, mortgage, property valuation.

If you rent out a property, you need to provide proof of the rent you receive from your tenant.
Dependant children Name, date of birth and child benefit proof for each child.
Non-dependants Name, date of birth, National Insurance number and income details. If you are only claiming working age Council Tax Reduction, we will not need details of your non-dependant’s income.

What will happen during the telephone appointment?

Important: Please ensure that you have your phone switched on, charged and are ready to accept our call as we won't be able to complete your claim if we can't contact you.

When a Benefit Assessment Officer contacts you, they will:

  • check your details, your household details, income and capital with you
  • once all of the required information has been provided, assess your entitlement to Council Tax Reduction and give you details about how much you are entitled to
  • if you have been unable to email us proof of your income and capital, discuss with you how you could provide this.

Are you already receiving Council Tax Reduction?

Complete our change in circumstances online form if you wish to report a change in your circumstances and are already receiving Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction

Do you need to apply for Universal Credit?

Visit the Universal Credit website for more information and to make a claim

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