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Designated wheelchair accessible licensed vehicles

All licensed taxis (hackney carriages) and some private hire vehicles that operate within the borough of Telford and Wrekin are capable of carrying wheelchairs with a disabled person in situ.

Download the contact list for licensed wheelchair accessible vehicles in Telford and Wrekin

Telford & Wrekin Council has published a list of designated wheelchair accessible vehicles under section 165 of the Equality Act 2010. 

Drivers of wheelchair accessible taxis are compelled under section 165 of the Equality Act 2010 to take you in your wheelchair unless, due to medical reasons they hold an exemption certificate issued to them by the Council.

Drivers of a designated wheelchair accessible vehicle must:

  • carry the passenger while in the wheelchair
  • not to make any additional charge for doing so
  • if the passenger chooses to sit in a passenger seat, to carry the wheelchair
  • to take such steps as are necessary to ensure that the passenger is carried in safety and reasonable comfort
  • to give the passenger such mobility assistance as is reasonably required.

Download the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy

Download the Council's Designated Vehicle list

Telford & Wrekin Council can take action when drivers whose vehicle is on the Council's Designated Vehicle List, who have not applied for an exemption, have failed in their duties to take a wheelchair user in a designated vehicle or passenger with an assistance dog. If you experience any problems or wish to pass on a compliment you may wish to contact the licensing authority.

When making a complaint, please note the following:

  • the time and date of the journey
  • the name of the company you booked with
  • the plate number on the taxi (on the boot lid) or
  • the registration number of the vehicle
  • ask the driver politely for his badge number (which he is obliged by law to give you).

Armed with this information, or most of it, we will be able to trace the driver and vehicle involved. Contact the Council with your compliment or complaint:

Register a complaint using our new Public Protection and Private Sector Housing online portal

Email: licensing@telford.gov.uk.

Last updated: 06/06/2023 09:57