Bulky item collections

No, please wait until at least 72 hours after your household is symptom free.

Yes, if your household is self-isolating and you have a bulk collection arranged, you will need to contact us immediately on 01952 384384 to cancel and rebook your appointment for when your isolation period has ended.

There are no changes to the number of items that can be collected, up to 12 items can still be collected as part of the bulky waste collection service. View more information about bulky waste collections and prices.

You may have to wait longer than normal as we are expecting demand for the service to be high. There will also be fewer collections slots a day as staff will need to carry out additional safety measures during collections in line with government guidelines.

As the COVID-19 virus can remain on surfaces for up to 72 hours, items are being sprayed with disinfectant as a safety measure to protect staff.

The disinfectant is a bio hygiene spray which is not harmful to your property. It may cause discolouring such as brown spots on lawns. We cannot accept any liability for any damage to lawns or garden plants/flowers due to the spray. If this is a concern for you, you may want to place something under your bulky items to protect the grass.

The disinfectant used is not harmful to pets.

No, staff are not permitted to enter any building unless an assisted collection has been requested. We offer an assisted collection for residents who are physically unable to present their items outside and have no family/friends who could help them to do this. All items must be presented outside of the property in a safe place that does not cause an obstruction to the public. Items collected will also need to be sprayed with a disinfectant by staff, which will need to be done outside prior to the item being loaded onto the collection vehicle.

Flats/apartments have communal recycling/refuse collection points where you may be able to leave your bulky items. Please note that you may need to seek permission from your landlord if appropriate and perhaps let your neighbours know as a courtesy. Also note that you must not block access to the recycling/refuse containers and items should be left out by 7am on the day of your scheduled bulky collection.

As well as disinfecting items before handling, all staff are being urged to ensure the highest possible hygiene standards. As with many key workers who work in teams, it is not always possible for collection crews to adhere to the social distancing rules from each other, however, staff have been supplied with PPE, including face masks if they wish to use. Vehicles also have their own supply of alcohol wipes and are cleaned at the start, during and end of each shift.

Last updated: 17/08/2021 16:14

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