Mineshafts, adits and shallow mining

The Coalbrookdale coalfield has been exploited for its mineral wealth since the 12th century and as a result numerous mine shafts and adits exist across Telford. Many of these are not recorded on any plans. The area has also been extensively undermined at shallow depth which can be a constraint to development.

The records detailing mining for coal are principally held by the Coal Authority and it is they that should be contacted for information regarding coal mining.

In the event of a shaft or adit collapse please contact the Coal Authority to report the incident and also find details of their 24 hour emergency call out service.

Minerals other than coal have also been extensively mined in Telford including limestone, ironstone, clay and tar. The recording of these mining operations was very limited, however some records do exist and some information may be available for specific areas from us.

If you believe you have a non coal mining problem, please contact our Engineering Services team.

Information on non coal mining is also available from a number of other sources including the British Geological Survey, the Shropshire County Archives and in many private archives.

Last updated: 16/12/2019 14:46

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