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Ordinary Watercourse Regulation

To apply for consent for works affecting watercourses and flood defences a consenting application form must be completed. This document should be filled in and submitted along with the relevant supporting as information outlined in the guidance notes and the appropriate fee, the application fee is £50 per consentable activity. If you are unsure as to the what the fee should be paid please get in touch with us via email so we can confirm the correct fee.

Complete our online form to apply for ordinary water course consent

Your application will be determined within two months of receiving a valid application. A valid application includes a completed application form, appropriate details of your proposals and the application fee.

Successful applications will be valid for a period of three years. This is because the resultant effects of the scheme may change due to other factors that have developed since the application was first made.

Download the application form guidance notes to help you fill in the application for ordinary watercourse land drainage consent

Last updated: 31/03/2022 11:25

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