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Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

Keeping children and young people safe is the most important thing we do. Child sexual exploitation is a vile crime.

That’s why we will continue to invest in and develop our services to meet the needs of children and young people who are victims of child sexual exploitation.

Whilst we are committed to doing our best, we know we need to work with others to make sure we keep children and young people safe.

It is never a child’s fault they are sexually exploited. It is important to make sure children know this.

Information to help you see the signs of child sexual exploitation and how to report it!


The independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford


Telford & Wrekin Council commissioned and funded the independent inquiry into non-recent child sexual exploitation in 2018.

The independent inquiry looked at practices dating back to 1989, as well as practices dating from when Telford & Wrekin Council was created in 1998.

The findings of the inquiry

In July 2022 the independent inquiry, led by a former High Court Judge and expert panel published its report. The inquiry chair endorsed our progress since 2016 and we immediately accepted all of the recommendations, many of which were already being delivered. 

We also announced we would be working with leading campaigners, with lived experience of child sexual exploitation, to implement the recommendations alongside our partners in police and health.

The chair of the independent inquiry will now been invited to return to the borough to review the work done to address each recommendation. He plans to start this work in January 2024 and his review is expected to be complete by late Spring / early Summer 2024.