Conservation areas

Conservation areas are designated as ‘areas of special historic and architectural interest, the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve and enhance’. They are designated at a local level by the Council.

There are seven conservation areas in the borough:

  • Edgmond
  • High Ercall
  • Horsehay and Spring Village
  • Newport
  • The Severn Gorge
  • Wellington
  • Wrockwardine.

To define why an area is of special historic or architectural interest the Government requires local planning authorities to undertake an appraisal for each conservation area.

View information about planning permission for certain works in conservation areas:

Within a conservation area you may need planning permission for certain works that you otherwise would not but you still have many ‘permitted development rights’ for some works, minor changes and extensions without consent. Even where permission is required, this does not necessarily mean that no alterations will be possible, but that we must take into account the overall historic character and appearance of the area when making planning decisions. We will always try to negotiate alternative solutions that meet your requirements but still respect the character of the area.

You can find out if you need planning permission on the Planning Portal or enquire through the Council’s pre-application advice service.

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The Council has also issued a Supplementary Planning Document for shop fronts and signage design guidance in conservation areas.

Planning permission is required to demolish, or demolish a substantial part of, certain buildings:

  • a detached building of over 115 cubic metres
  • a wall, gate or fence of more than 1m adjacent to a highway, or 2m elsewhere.

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Within the Severn Gorge Conservation Area, which is also a World Heritage Site, the Council has made an Article 4 Direction to give further control over minor changes that could affect its particularly outstanding historic character. 

To carry out works to trees in a conservation area, including pruning, you will need to notify the Council six weeks in advance. This applies to any type of tree over a certain size. The six weeks gives the Council time to consider whether a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) needs to be made on the tree. 

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