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As part of the Council’s 4 year investment programme to Protect, Care and Invest to create a better borough, between 2020 and 2024 we are investing over £50m to keep neighbourhoods safe, clean and well connected. The ‘Pride in Our Community’ programme will deliver improvements to infrastructure including roads, footpaths, parking, sustainable transport, street furniture, drains and structures.

Our highways vision is to ‘Keep Telford Moving’ and in 2021/2022 we will invest £21.6m to deliver over 160 improvement schemes across the borough.

The 12-month programme includes road safety schemes, the creation of more residential parking spaces in local neighbourhoods, road improvements, footpath improvements, drainage works as well as work on highways structures such as bridges.

The latest findings by the Department for Transport show that the condition of our roads are better than the regional and national averages, which is quite an achievement given the current financial challenges we face.

This £21.6m investment will be invested as follows:

  • £7.635m into roads and footpaths
  • £1.2m into Structures
  • £1.15m into drainage and council owned assets
  • £0.671m into street furniture, lighting and lines
  • £2.583m into sustainable transport, parking and safety schemes
  • £8.355m into major projects.

These improvements will be delivered in partnership with the Council's new highways contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places.

View information about the planned works.

You may not be surprised to know that we receive a large number of requests from right across the borough to create additional parking therefore we prioritise these to try to deliver improvements in as many areas as possible.

As a local resident you may have a view as to the best location for the additional parking however there are a number of hidden factors that influence this such as the location of hidden underground services for example gas mains, electricity and water pipes and who the land owner is, as not all the land falls under the councils ownership. All these factors have been explored before finalising the location of the proposed additional parking bays. We appreciate that this investment may not fully solve all the parking issues however we hope it will help with the availability of parking in the areas being reviewed.

The following sections will provide details of the proposed improvements that will be undertaken over the coming 12 months, click on the following headings to reveal further information including details of how you can 'Have Your Say' and let us know your thoughts on each proposal.

The Consultation will run until the 21 March 2022.

This consultation has now closed.

The Consultation will run until the 6 June 2022.

This consultation has now closed.

The Consultation will run until the 10 June 2022.

This consultation has now closed.

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