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Workplace travel planning

A workplace travel plan is a package of complimentary measures designed to reduce car use for commuting and business travel and encourage other forms of transport.

The aim is to provide a full range of travel information and ideas. Each individual can select the most appropriate choice for the journey to work and for business trips.

The travel plan is a document which highlights personnel and management concerns and issues about the journey to work, and outlines steps to improve it.

It encourages alternatives to the car, notably walking, cycling and public transport, identifies safer routes and improvements to the work site.

This then sets a process in motion that engages the whole company, the local community and other partners.

The benefits of a Workplace Travel Plan are:

  • promotes understanding of work travel issues with employees and management
  • contributes to a reduction in pollution in the area
  • reduces congestion on commuter routes
  • a healthier workforce
  • provides access to work for those without a car
  • provides real work travel choices for car drivers
  • eases car parking space pressure
  • contributes to ISO14000 and company environmental action requirements
  • creates a positive company image for employees and job seekers
  • development of improved infrastructure and services.

If your company is interested in producing a Work Travel Plan, or you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Last updated: 25/02/2019 11:48

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