Flooding and drainage

Flooding can arise from many sources and of course is mainly associated with heavy rainfall, but it can also be caused by blockages in the underground pipes.

Telford & Wrekin Council are responsible for:

  • highway drainage, which includes the road gullies and associated pipe work
  • land drainage systems such as ditches, culverts and land drains but only on Council owned land.

If your problem relates to any of the above then please report the problem by downloading the online form.

Private drains and sewers

We are not responsible for the drains serving properties. These drains are generally private. 

Responsibility for private sewer defects and blockages lies with the owners/occupiers of properties draining into the sewer upstream of any defect or blockage. Your local council may be able to help you find out which sewers are privately owned.

If you are partially or solely responsible for maintaining drains and sewers you may be covered by your house insurance for any damage.

If you have a problem with private drains you would normally need to contact a reputable builder or specialist drainage service. 

Some property drains may be the responsibility of Wrekin Housing Trust visit the Wrekin Housing Trust.

Public sewers

We are not responsible for the main sewers which are generally located in the road. Sewers are either publicly or privately maintained. If they are publicly maintained, Visit Severn Trent Water who is responsible for repairs and maintenance.

Last updated: 24/11/2020 12:22

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