Road markings and signage

Disabled parking bay

We can provide advisory disabled bays for residents who are a registered Blue Badge holder. These particular types of bay are not enforceable by the Police and can be used by any Blue Badge holder not just the applicant but may prove useful in providing much needed parking spaces for residents and their carers.

If you wish to apply for an advisory disabled bay please contact us, a fee of £42 (including VAT) is payable.

White 'H' Road Markings (access protection markings)

We can provide White 'H' markings across dropped kerbs, which may help to prevent vehicles parking across private driveway and pedestrian crossings. There is an administration charge of £42 (including VAT) to apply for the potential installation of these markings.

White 'H' markings are only introduced on the carriageway where the blocking of drives occurs on a regular basis by drivers other than residents, visiting for example a shop, leisure facility, school, etc.

This marking comprises of an elongated "H" marking on the road. Its function is to alert drivers to the fact that there is a private access at that point which must be kept clear.

Before an access protection marking can be undertaken, the property owner must have an approved dropped kerb and hard standing where their vehicle is parked.

This type of road marking is not enforceable but does serve to highlight that any vehicle parking there is creating an obstruction - which can be interpreted by the police as an offense.

For further help, contact the police by telephoning 101 (please note this is a non emergency response number).

If you wish to request an 'H' Bar marking please contact us.

Last updated: 2.53pm on Thursday 7 February 2019

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