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Jiggers Bank, retaining walls

Jiggers Bank site preparations complete

Initial site preparations for repairs to the retaining wall on a major access route into the Ironbridge gorge, in Telford and Wrekin are now complete.

Telford & Wrekin Council’s engineering team began on site at the end of September and have cleared the site for a temporary track where specialist machinery can manoeuvre.

Vegetation has been cleared and a large earth embankment removed at the northern end. This will provide a stable platform for machinery to manoeuvre around site and provide full access to the structure which is a combination of random stonework and sandstone bedrock. 

Detailed inspections revealed that the northern section had deteriorated more than anticipated with further voids and collapsed areas identified. These are being repaired with further stabilisation work to make the structure safe for construction.

Operatives have been coating the wall with a 50mmm thick layer of concrete sprayed on to the wall. Holes are also being cored in the wall ready for rock anchors to be inserted into the bedrock to stabilise the wall.

Councillor Lee Carter said: “We can finally see what we are really dealing with now the site has been cleared and the wall properly exposed.

“We always knew this would be a complex project with adjustments needed as we progress and unearth more sections of the structure.

“The position of the wall itself has presented challenges too as we’ve had to build a temporary ramp allowing heavy machinery and equipment to even get into the right position.

“It’s a positive start but are mindful that this project will undoubtedly throw some curveballs due to the area’s complex geology and site topography. That said we are still confident at this stage of delivering the project on time and on budget.”

Jigger’s Bank in Coalbrookdale is one of the main routes into Ironbridge Gorge and due to the area’s geology, movement of the wall’s foundations means essential repair is now needed.

A detailed video by the head geotechnical engineer gives us some insight into the area’s history – including how the hill got its name.

jiggers bank Jiggers bank Jiggers bank Jiggers bank Jiggers bank

Listen to Radio Shropshire’s visit to Jiggers’ Bank and chat with head engineer Matt - Visit the BBC website to listen to the chat with head engineer Matt.

Jiggers bank

Stabilisation project currently on track for completion date, please see attached photos and update from head engineer Matt - Visit the Newsroom website for update from head engineer Matt.

Jiggers Bank, retaining walls Jiggers Bank, retaining walls. Jiggers Bank, retaining walls Jiggers Bank, retaining walls Jiggers Bank, retaining walls

Last updated: 05/04/2024 10:43

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