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Strategic Newt Licencing

Telford & Wrekin Council now holds a district level licence for great crested newts. You can apply to join the scheme or learn more about the innovative landscape scale approach the council is adopting to better conserve this threatened species.

Apply to join the strategic newt licencing scheme in Telford and Wrekin

Strategic Newt Licencing in Telford & Wrekin is an alternative to traditional mitigation licencing that aims to reform regulatory processes, accelerate the delivery of development and deliver a step change in nature conservation across the borough.

The scheme aims to be better coordinated, more efficient and better for newts, saving developers both time and money.

It is for the applicant and their ecological consultant to decide which licencing route to take. However, the specialist team at Telford & Wrekin Council are here to advise and support this process to ensure developers can make the most informed choice possible.

Complete our Strategic Newt Licence application form

If you have any issues with the form please email teds@telford.gov.uk.

Guidance and resources

We have produced some useful guidance and a series of downloadable presentations that set clearly how the scheme operates.

  • Risk zone mapping
    If you wish to understand the risk zones around Telford & Wrekin please contact teds@telford.gov.uk.
  • Scheme documents
    Download our operational guidance for more information:
    • Telford and Wrekin Strategy
    • Telford and Wrekin fundamentals document.

Last updated: 14/05/2024 15:14