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Looking after someone

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If you spend a lot of time providing unpaid care and support to a relative, partner or a friend, whether you live with that person or not, you are a carer! No matter of your age, cultural or social background. 

We have an estimated 18,000 unpaid carers across the borough and we are committed to supporting every one of you. 

Caring for someone can be a very rewarding experience however you are entitled to the appropriate help and support you need, by law.  

We are here to assist you in obtaining support and requesting a carer's assessment today.

Live Well Telford signposts local community services that can help or support you...


The Live Well Telford website is our online community directory that brings the support and advice you need all into one place. 

As an unpaid carer, browse through the key local services below to get help and support. 

Take a look at our local offers for family carers...


A video showing how we celebrate our carers

A video of a carer in the borough sharing their experience

All Age Carers Centre

The Carers Centre provides information, advice and support to help you manage your caring role. By registering you will receive a wellbeing assessment and a quarterly newsletter with access to a wide range of activities. Visit the Carers Centre to register as a carer.

Hospital Discharge team

If the person you are looking after is going into hospital, the Hospital Discharge team are there to help. They understand how hospital procedures work, and can help you if you have any concerns. Visit the Carers Centre website for more information about the support you can receive whilst the person you care for is in hospital

Moving and handling advice

Our Family Connect team can increase your confidence in the safe moving and handling of someone that you care for. For an assessment please contact our friendly and knowledgeable advisors on 01952 385385 (option three). 

Dementia Admiral Nursing Service

Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses who provide help and support to carers and families whose loved ones have dementia. Visit the Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust website to find out how to access the Admiral Nursing Service

Emergency Response Carers Service

The Emergency Response Carers’ Service provides free immediate assistance when you are unable to help someone who is reliant on your support. Carers Emergency Service