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What is Telecare?

Telecare consists of equipment and services that are linked to a call centre. This can also be known as a Lifeline service. The lifeline service can support your safety and independence in your own home.

Lifeline equipment consists of a button or sensors being fitted in your home that are linked to a 24 hour call centre.

This may just involve you having a pendant button that you can press if you need unexpected support. It may also include sensors that will automatically trigger an alarm at the call centre, for example a falls detector if you are not able to press the button yourself following a fall. This can prevent a small event or situation turning into a crisis by making sure that when something happens, an alert is raised and an appropriate response is provided.

A lifeline service can provide peace of mind not only to you but it can also reassure friends and family that you are ok and help will be on its way if there is a problem.

What does a Lifeline package consist of?

A basic Lifeline package consists of:

  • Telecare sensors
    These are designed to detect a particular action, such as falling, pressing a button, or a seizure. They raise an alert through the base unit.
  • Base unit
    This receives the alert and contacts the call centre automatically.
  • Call centre
    A highly trained call handler will work out what action is required. Firstly they will try to talk to you through the base unit. Then, if needed they will contact a nominated person such as a friend, neighbour or family member who have already agreed to support you in this way. The call handler will have all of this information available to them as soon as they receive the alert. If necessary the call centre will contact emergency services, but this is usually a last resort. 

Where do I get a Lifeline from?

Telford and Wrekin Adult Social Care have an arrangement with ‘Welbeing’, to provide the lifeline service in this area. If you are in receipt of Means Tested Benefits and are eligible for a Lifeline service this will be provided free of charge. If you would like to be assessed for a Lifeline, please contact Wellbeing Independence Partnership (WIP) on 01952 385385 (Select option 2 when prompted) or email:

If you are not in receipt of Means Tested Benefits then there is an installation and monitoring charge for the system and service. If you are self-funding this service here are some Lifeline providers in the local area.
Welbeing Lifeline
Telephone: 01323 644422 (Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 5pm)

WATCH Alarms (Wrekin Alarm Telephone Call Helpline
Telephone: 01952 217151 
Age UK Personal Alarm
Telephone: 0800 169 6565 
For information about these services and their charges please contact them directly by phone or their websites. 

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