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Sports, Arts and Culture

Sports introduction

Our looked after children are encouraged to take part in out of school activities to help build personal and social skills, raise educational achievement and improve life chances. The Virtual School team have a dedicated Sports lead who will support with activities and events for our children in care. Suzanne Ellams can be contacted on virtualschool@telford.gov.uk if you wish to find out more or to make an enquiry on future opportunities. 

Create a fulfilling childhood with 10 by 1010 By 10 icon icon

There are ten activities children should try before they are ten years old. Each 10 by 10 activity is a chance for your child to discover new talents and experience the world.

By working with schools and local organisations we've put together several activities and offers - many for free.

On this website you can search for 10 by 10 activities and offers, as well as track and tick off each one your child does.

We want your child to have the opportunity to have a go at each activity. Who knows, one of these activities might spark something in your child that you might not expect.

Visit the 10 by 10 website

Sports Leadership Programme

The Virtual School Team has collaborated with Sports Energize to be able to offer young people the opportunity to gain qualifications in Sports and Fitness Level 2 and a Boxing Bronze award as part of a Sports Leadership course. The dates for this years Sports Leadership programmes are:

Autumn Term:

  • Thursday 9, 16 and 23 November 2023

Spring Term:

  • Thursday 7, 14 and 21 March 2024

If you are interested in taking part and completing the Sports Leadership programme, please contact our Engagement Officers, Jo Whitmore or Suzanne Ellams on virtualschool@telford.gov.uk.

energize logoEnergize

Our mission is to improve lives and empower communities through the power of physical activity and sport.

We are a local charity and one of 42 organisations within the Active Partnerships network who work collaboratively with local and national partners to create the conditions for an active nation using the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives.

At Energize, we're on a mission to influence change at all levels so that living an active lifestyle is normal behaviour for individuals, organisations and the whole of society. We strive to tackle inactivity and address inequalities in participation. Our aim is to make sure that equality, diversity and inclusion run through everything we do as an organisation. 

Visit the Energize website to find out more information for Secondary schools

Visit the Energize website to find out more information for Primary schools

Sport England

Free digital marketing training

Free digital marketing training is being made available to the sport and physical activity sector as we look to encourage more people to play sport and be active.

The idea for the hub came as a response to findings highlighting a significant digital skills gap within the sector and it'll include online courses, webinars and resources with the aim of helping people and organisations delivering sport and physical activity to improve their skills.

Visit the Sport England website

Celebrating LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport

Our strategy will make sport and physical activity more accessible.

This Pride Month, our executive director Ali Donnelly blogs about her personal experience of sport and physical activity and says we all have a role to play to build on the progress of the past 20 years.

Visit the Sport England website to access the blog

Try it, dream it achieve it

A new sports initiative is underway to create a universal entitlement to sports provision for all children in care in the West Midlands.

Activities will be offered in a range of ways by a variety of sports and active lifestyle organisations.

It will work on the three principles of Try it, dream it achieve it, offering a wide range of experiences and opportunities to enable our children to develop their interests and talents, enabling sports specialism, developing independence and entrepreneurship and potentially even leading to qualifications and careers.

Here are some sporting organisations which are encouraging young people to 'try it, dream it, achieve it' which can be done at home.

  • Chance to shine - Cricket - You will have to register to view videos. Free for all.
  • TTKIDZ Table Tennis - Various coaching videos.
  • FA Learning - Football from YouTube - page dedicated to drills.
  • Tennis LTA - from YouTube.

Bright Star Boxing

Engaging alternative education provision for young people. There are many young people who find a mainstream school environment difficult, and schools need access to quality, affordable alternative education provision.

Visit the Bright Star Boxing website

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