Know your rights

You may think you don't have rights - wrong!

The United Nations Convention on the Rights (UNCRC) of the child apply to all children aged 17 or under. Your rights include the right to be protected from all types of violence, the right to be healthy, the right to have a say and to be taken seriously, and the right to have an education that helps you grow as a person.

It's your right to speak out if you are not happy about something; whether you’re feeling good or bad about living away from home, you can always talk about it with your social worker or personal advisor. You do have the right to complain if you are not happy.

You can also speak to an advocate from our Rights and Representations Service by calling or sending a text to 07976100588 or by emailing

Or, if you wish to speak to someone in the complaints team you can ring 01952 382006 or email:

If you would like to find out more about your rights and what an advocate is you can watch Care experienced? Want support? Find out about Always Heard on YouTube.

So what is the Rights and Representations Service?

Rights and Representation Service is Telford’s Children's Rights and Advocacy Service and is here to help you understand your rights, and to provide you with help and support on anything and everything to do with being in care. The Rights and Representation Service like to know your opinion on children's services, on being in care and on what you'd like to happen in your life.

The people at Rights and Representations are called advocates and they are there to speak on your behalf and help resolve any problems or issues you have. Advocates are confidential, and won't talk to your social worker, foster carers or any other workers without asking your permission (unless you are putting yourself or someone else in danger).

Advocates can help you:

  • find the right words to make sure you're listened to
  • express your views and get them heard
  • get information about what you want to know
  • work out what your options are
  • sort things out with the adults in your life
  • complain about a service or the way you have been treated
  • and many many more...

Advocates are there to represent you and only do what you ask. They'll stop anytime you say you don't want their help anymore.

Contact Rights and Representations Service

If you'd like the support of an advocate, you can call 07976 100588 or you can also email Mike on

Law stuff

Law stuff has information on anything and everything to do with your rights, whether you want to know when you can leave school, when you can get a tattoo or how the council can help you when you're in care. 

The Children’s Commissioner

The Help at Hand website by The Children's Commissioner explains the kind of help they can offer children and young people. It is printable, easy to read and worth a look at.

The Children’s Commissioner Promise

We promise to:

  • treat you with respect, listen to your concerns, and offer useful advice and support
  • keep any information you tell us confidential (unless you highlight a risk to yourself or others)
  • keep track of the issues that matter most to young people in care, and make sure that government decision-makers know about the most frequent concerns raised on the advice line.

Last updated: 11.13am on Monday 17 June 2019