Our step-by-step guide to helping the homeless

What you can expect from us

The process outlined below is the steps we take to identify and support rough sleepers and the homeless.


  • Outreach is notified of a rough sleeper either through a direct referral or through Emergency Duty Team (EDT).
  • Outreach visits the possible rough sleeper in the evening and verifies the location using the three words app.
  • Outreach gathers more information and checks if the rough sleeper is from Telford & Wrekin borough.
  • Outreach refers to the Night Inn Service (Maninplace) but if it’s full and the client has vulnerabilities they are referred to EDT.

Night Inn Service

  • Night Inn Service staff contact family and friends to see if there is any possibility they can assist them, whilst the referral is being processed and possible accommodation options are being identified.
  • If nothing is identified, the Night Inn Service will offer a bed for the night (note if full and vulnerabilities this would be referred to Emergency Duty Team to arrange and outreach to visit with a rough sleeping kit until the Rough Sleeping Task Force picks up the following day to find accommodation).

Emergency Duty Team (EDT)

  • EDT will arrange for accommodation if the rough sleeper meets the criteria of local connection, vulnerabilities and no space at the service.
  • The Rough Sleeper Task Force will pick up the client the next morning and identify move on accommodation.

Things to remember

  • Some clients we have helped multiple times – clients sometimes are not ready for the help they need but want B&B to live a chaotic lifestyle.
  • Not all clients who present as homeless and begging are homeless.
  • Not all clients have a local connection to Telford & Wrekin Council and need to present to their local authority.

Last updated: 21/12/2021 15:28