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Safer Streets Brookside Solutions

  • Improved street lighting as part of target hardening against crime.
  • Improved CCTV to increase the risk to offenders of being identified and so preventing criminality.
  • Landscaping work to increase visibility of those seeking to perpetrate crime, whilst also providing a further deterrent to offenders.
  • Introduced alley-gates and fencing in some alleyways and pathways to create private spaces open to legitimate locals and preventing offenders from using them for quick escapes.
  • Home security measures to improve the security of residents’ property.
  • Work with locals to set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

An important part of improving the overall feeling of safety in the area is the improvement of street lights.

This is because previous lighting levels were insufficient and led to areas of darkness that can seem intimidating and increase feelings of insecurity.

Improved lighting in the local area has made the area  safer by reducing areas of darkness making them feel more welcoming. Sight lines have also improved reducing opportunities for criminal and anti-social behaviour.  

15 columns have been increased from 6 metres tall to 8 metres, lighting levels have improved significantly.

This increased height allows newly installed CCTV cameras to monitor the area for increasing safety and security and reducing the vulnerability of the area.

Taller columns will mean lighting needs to be brighter too. We are mindful that sometimes this can cause light pollution. To reduce the impact on resident's comfort shields can be fitted to columns so that light pollution issues are reduced whilst maintaining wider community benefit. This has worked successfully in many areas of Telford and Wrekin, 

New CCTV cameras have been installed and advertised to increase observation of areas at risk of criminal and anti-social behaviour and capture evidence. 

Evidence shows that in areas that have increased levels of burglary and acquisitive crime, alley-gating (the use of fences and gates to restrict movement) is an effective tool for prevention. It also has the additional benefits of reducing littering and anti-social behaviour by discouraging and reducing access to those areas. 

A comprehensive survey of the area has indicated that alley-gating in specific locations could reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. 

We think that gating and fencing will make these areas less attractive to thieves and burglars without impacting  too much on people who want to get about doing everyday things. 

The types of fencing and gate are sensitive to the area and meet the standards required to be safe, functional and resilient. They meet the LPS 1175 1 or 2 standard. 

This is an example of the fence style. 

Image of a fence

In relation to gates, we know that access can be a concern, so the use of mechanical digital locks will provide usable and secure locking systems that work for residents with immediate access needs. They will also effectively stop people from outside of the area getting through the gate.

The locks use a code for access, here is an example of a mechanical digital lock. 

Image of an Mechanical digital lock.

Last updated: 17/05/2022 14:41

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