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Safer Streets Brookside Project

A recent survey of local residents carried out by the Safer Neighbourhood Teams for South Telford, led by Inspector Sean Brennan, found that whilst the majority of respondents were pleased with the work of their local police team, many were concerned about high levels of burglary and theft, and quite a few said that they wanted to feel safer in their own homes. 

There are challenges, but there is a great community spirit in Brookside and we are committed to working with the community to make the area a safer, better place to live.

The Home Office funding will be invested in a range of measures that are proven to improve home security and reduce crime to improve life for residents. 

Measures proposed include:

  • physical improvements such as alley-gating on footpaths that weave around people’s homes can restrict entry to legitimate locals and prevent crime from happening. As well as being effective in reducing burglary, alley-gates can also reduce opportunities for other crimes that commonly occur in alleyways such a fly tipping and dog fouling
  • better street lighting to increase the chances of criminals being seen, which makes it too risky for them to commit crime or anti-social behaviour
  • improve CCTV so we can record wrong-doers and educate and prosecute
  • enhancing security for homes and a new Neighbourhood Watch scheme
  • all of these measures are proven to help residents feel safe, secure and part of a proud, strong community.

The list of possible measures goes on, but all of the ones listed are proven to reduce crime and help residents feel safe, secure and part of a proud, strong community. Research has shown that alley-gates alone reduced burglary in one area by 43%, so imagine the impact that all of these different measures will have.

A condition of the funding is that the scheme must be achieved by 31 March 2021, so it’s all systems go!

Last updated: 18/05/2022 11:01

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