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Successful investigations

Investigations closed.
Bluebell lane

Date: August 2023
Location: Bluebell Lane, Sutton Hill
Description: Dumping tree waste is an act of fly-tipping which we take just as seriously as any other type of waste. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to prosecute the person responsible for tipping a large amount of conifer branches in the middle of this lane causing a danger to others. They pleaded guilty to fly-tipping and will have to pay more than £2,000. Read the full story on the newsroom website. Don’t forget if you see dumped waste, please report it on the MyTelford app, so our crews can clear it away.

Barber fly tip

Date: July 2023
Location: H5 Barber shop in New Street, Wellington, Telford
Description: Just look at the waste piled up outside this barber shop. We had complaints from the public that it was attracting rats which was unpleasant for residents and other businesses. We investigated and told the owner to provide evidence of how they were disposing of their waste, including sharp waste which could be harmful to people. They didn’t and now they have pleaded guilty in court and will have to pay nearly £2,000. Read the full story on the newsroom website.

If you’re a business owner, did you know you have a legal duty to properly dispose of and store your waste? Find out more on the commercial waste and recycling page.

Please help us and report any concerns you have about a business that is not correctly getting rid of waste by emailing

Raj cuisine

Date: June 2023
Location: Raj Cuisine, Gower Street, St George’s, Telford
Description: We have successfully prosecuted the owner of Raj Cuisine Indian restaurant after they failed to prove they were safely and legally getting rid of business waste. The owner admitted a breach of duty of care and will have to pay a total of £1,139.66. This case shows how important it is for all businesses to keep evidence of how they are disposing of waste as well as how they are managing and storing it in order to avoid enforcement action. Read the full story on the Newsroom website.

Fly tip of several household drawers

Date: 20 June 2023
Location: Halldene, Hadley
Description: Fly tip of several household drawers.

Sandway, Ketley Flytip

Date: 12 June 2023
Location: Sandway, Ketley
Description: Fly tip of furniture, mattresses, toys, cardboard, and general waste bags.

Spout Way, Malinslee fly tip

Date: 23 May 2023
Location: Spout Way, Malinslee
Description: Fly tip of waste bags, cardboard, and household cushion.

Image of a fly tip

Date: May 2023
Location: Dalford Court, Hollinswood
Description: Excessive amounts of non-household items were found, adjacent to the main bins. As the waste was not in the designated bins, this is classed as a fly-tip. The waste included items such as furniture, large amounts of cardboard and scrap wood, the offender was fined the full amount.

Fly tip - Leegomery allotments

Date: January 2023
Location: Leegomery allotments
Description: This fly tip was reported by a member of public. The Neighbourhood Enforcement team checked through the fly tip of household waste and found evidence linking back to a property on The Nettlefolds, Hadley. The FPN was paid within ten days, so they were charged at the reduced rate of £200.

Fly tip - Sutton way sutton hill

Date: January 2023
Location: Sutton Way, Sutton Hill
Description: This fly tip was reported to us by a Community Liaison Officer. The Neighbourhood Enforcement team attended the site and found evidence within the black waste bag. The perpetrator paid the reduced amount of £200.

Limekiln lane fly tip.

Date: January 2023
Location: Arleston
Description: This large pile of cardboard was dumped in a country lane by the entrance to a field. Members of the public who care about their area reported it to us. After investigating, we issued a fixed penalty notice and the person responsible is now out of pocket. Ward member, councillor Angela McClements said: “I work closely with Arleston Neighbourhood Watch and the police to encourage residents to report fly-tipping. They can do this via the MyTelford app. We all want to live in a clean area, so if you spot waste dumped anywhere in the borough, please let us know so we can quickly remove it.”

Boulton Grange, Randlay and Dalford Court, Hollinswood

Date: January 2023
Location: Boulton Grange, Randlay and Dalford Court, Hollinswood
Description: Fourteen people have been handed fixed penalty notices (FPNs) over the past two months for fly-tipping in Boulton Grange, Randlay and Dalford Court, Hollinswood. Most of the rubbish was being left near the flats. Three FPNs were for the same fly-tip which included black sacks of rubbish. A fridge/freezer and sofa was also tipped. You can see from the photos how they make the area look an eyesore for other residents. Read the full story on the Newsroom website.

Wantage woodside fly tip

Date: December 2022
Location: Wantage, Woodside
Description: Cardboard boxes and plastic wrapping were dumped down a side alley. The offender was traced from an address on one of the boxes and paid the reduced rate of £200 for prompt payment.

Waverley fly tip

Date: December 2022
Location: Waverley, Woodside
Description: A landlord initially blamed his former tenants for this large fly-tip in Waverley, Woodside. However, after the council investigated, the landlord came clean and admitted dumping the waste and paid a £200 fine.

Carriages pub fly tip

Date: December 2022
Location: Wellington
Description: A member of the public originally reported this fly-tip via the My Telford app but the location wasn’t correct. Our officers followed up the report and located the rubbish on council land behind a pub in Wellington. Among the waste was a cardboard box with an address of a resident in Wellington. They were issued with a fixed penalty notice and paid £200. This case shows how we take all reports of fly-tipping seriously and will follow up information provided by the public.

Image of the stone row fly tip

Date: September 2022
Location: Waverley, Woodside
Description: This garden waste was tossed on a public car park putting people at risk. Dumping garden waste is taken as seriously as dumping rubbish. The offender was reported by a Street Champion, volunteers who help keep the borough clean and safe. Visit the newsroom website to read more.

Watch the YouTube video of the fly tip at Telford Snowboard and Ski Centre:

Date: Monday 26 September 2022
Location:Telford Snowboard and Ski Centre - What3words tangent.kilt.tearfully
Description: Fly-tippers are being issued a stark warning that they will be brought to justice as part of a dedicated drive by Telford and Wrekin Council to reduce offences and ensure residents know that the council is on their side. Visit the Newsroom website to read more.

Business waste

Date: August 2022
Location: Wellington
Description: A business was given a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice for failing to show how it was legally getting rid of trade waste. The rubbish was piled up at the back of the shop causing a fire risk as well as being an eyesore for residents. The owner failed to produce waste documentation resulting in the FPN which was reduced for early payment. The business has since put a waste contract in place.

Brindley ford

Date: August 2022
Location: Brindley Ford, Brookside - What3words appendix.relief.always
Description: Letters containing an address were found among this fly tip on a grass verge and led us to a resident in Brindley Ford. They initially claimed they had left the rubbish there while waiting for a skip but after we asked for more information about why it was not left on private land, they paid a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Wayside woodside

Date: August 2022
Location: Wayside, Woodside - What3words visit.dumps.friend
Description: What a mess. This fly tip was found on a grass verge and contained general waste and two gousto boxes all addressed to the same resident in Wayside. A Fixed Penalty Notice was issued and has been paid.

Image of the fly tip.

Date: August 2022
Location: Bratton Lane, Bratton. what3words - activity.haunt.increased
Description: A member of the public and a council employee reported this fly tip. Among the waste was an empty Amazon package containing a name and address traced back to a resident in Apley. Read the full story on the Newsroom website.

Tree waste fly tip

Date: June 2022
Location: Stone Row, Malinslee
Description: Household items including an electric heater, rug and lampshade were tipped on a grass verge. Offender was identified from an address on cardboard packaging and a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice was issued which was reduced to £200 for early payment.

Image of the fly tip on Arleston Lane.

Location: Arleston Lane, near Lawley Primary School - what3words from.mystified.dice
Date: June 2022
Description: This case highlights the obligation landlords are under to check that contractors they employ legally dispose of waste. The council has fined a landlord £300 for this fly tip in Arleston Lane, near Lawley Primary School. An investigation linked the waste, which included a bed and broken furniture, to a property in Malinslee, where officers discovered another fly tip. The landlord said they had employed a firm to dispose of the waste but refused to give the name. The Fixed Penalty Notice was issued for Duty of Care offences.

Holmer Lake FPN issued

Date: March 2022
Location: Holmer Lake
Description: A member of the public, who is also a member of an online group that cares for the new orchard in Homer Lake, witnessed a man, ‘launching rubbish into the hedges’ including a combination of old children’s toys including a Wendy house and trike as well as plastic bin bags containing general household waste. Read the full story on the Newsroom website.

Watch the YouTube video of the fly tip in Trench:

Location: Trench
Date: February 2022
Description: Neighbourhood enforcement officers have successfully fined a fly tipper caught on CCTV dumping garden chairs on a Trench coffee company’s car park after claiming he was ‘leaving them for a friend.’ Footage provided by the business helped identify the offender who was seen unloading the items from his car before buying a coffee and driving off. Businesses across the borough pick up the cost of clearing fly tipping which is why the council is working with them through Telford and Wrekin Watch. 

Ketley Bank ID008

Date: October 2021
Location: Ketley Bank
Description: This case is an example of restorative justice. The council recognises that fly tipping happens for a reason and social and economic reasons leave a small proportion of people with few options. That said there are still ways to bring about justice and this example of a fly tipper who cleared their own mess is a perfect example of this and a demonstration of how we go above and beyond to work with residents to find the best solutions.

Image of a fly tip - mattress in Brookside.

Location: Brookside
Date: May 2021
Status: Brookside fly tipper caught and fined. Following investigations by the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team and carrying out door to door enquiries, a fixed penalty notice of £400 was issued.

A picture of dumped rubbish in Arleston

Location: Arleston
Date: January 2021
Status: The Neighbourhood Enforcement team investigated this fly tip during the festive break, evidence was located and a case file put together. A Fixed Penalty Notice of £400 was issued and paid. 

A picture of a pile of rubbish that was dumped in Telford and Wrekin.

Location: Malinslee
Date: November 2020
Status: Following investigations by the Neighbourhood Enforcement team, a fixed penalty notice of £400 was issued.