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Report incidents

If you are worried a child or young person is being sexually exploited you must report it, it is important that you do something!

In Telford and Wrekin safeguarding children is everyone’s business.

Members of the public, including parents and carers 


Contact the police

Phone 999

If a child is at immediate risk of harm.

Contact the police

Phone 101

If you have concerns or suspicions.

Contact Crimestoppers

Phone 0800 555111

Give information anonymously.

Contact Fearless (11 - 17 year olds)

Phone 0800 555111

Visit Crimestoppers website to give information anonymously.

Contact the Family Connect team

Phone 01952 385385

Or email familyconnect@telford.gov.uk.

The child or young person may have been told not to talk about what they are doing, or threatened with violence or exposure. They may also not understand what is happening to them.

Try to find a time to talk to them calmly about how they feel. They may open up and share they are unhappy about a part of their life, they may even say they need help.

It is really important the young person doesn’t feel blamed or at fault, so try to offer a loving, safe space. If it’s difficult for them to share what is going on in their lives give some thought about whether there is anyone else that you both trust. Is there a grandparent, a family friend, someone from school or someone from your local community? 

If you are a parent or a carer you may need help too. It’s important to remember you are not alone. The best way to support a child is to also get support yourself.

Information to help you see the signs of child sexual exploitation and how to report it!