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Team challenges


One of the best ways to begin a programme of activities at Arthog is to spend a couple of hours experiencing a series of team building challenges which establish the basics of successful teamwork and set the scene for the adventures which lie ahead. These introductory sessions are also a great way for instructors to get to know everyone within their group. A clear understanding of the capabilities and needs of a group are key to the delivery of a successful programme.

Your options

Within our grounds we have a variety of team challenges, and the design of each has a bearing on the outcomes. Some of the challenges like 'The Wall' and 'Jacobs Ladder' are physically challenging and encourage physical contact and team support. The 'Mushroom Maze' and 'Tyre retrieval' have more of a problem solving emphasis, while others, like the 'Rope Swing' and 'Spiders Web'  serve as 'ice breakers' and begin to break down the barriers within the group.

Throughout the Team Challenge session, your instructor is free to 'pick and mix' the menu of challenges to suit the abilities and needs of the group. This approach ensures that we make optimum use of the session and focus on the aspects of the group which require most development.

Trail Quest

Takes team challenges and incorporates them into a journey of discovery. Successful completion of each challenge provides the team with information which will enable them to complete the next stage of the journey. It is a themed adventure day involving a series of challenges spread along the length of a scenic woodland walk and just happening to include a lake or two.

Raft building

Presents an even more adventurous opportunity to develop the team and it is a great project for developing cooperative working and practical skills. Barrels, planks, ropes - and an appropriate body of water, are the main ingredients of this dynamic session with an aim of designing and assembling a raft big enough and strong enough to enable the whole team to take to the water.  Your instructor will be there to guide, but not lead the activity, and give a bit of coaching if required. When the construction process is finished, on go the buoyancy aids and helmets - and the raft is prepared for launch... This can be a wet one!

image of children building a structure outdoors with planks of wood image of a child with helmet on and a happy face being lifted through a tyre by her team mates images of older children stopping water coming out of holes in a drain pipe to allow for a float inside to rise to the top
image of a group of children on a small wooden square platform holding on tight to each otehr having each swinging onto the platform using a rope swing