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Board surfing


As summer approaches and the sea begins to warm up, it's time to dust off the surf boards and head for the beach.

Surfing is an exhilarating sport and a fantastic way to boost water confidence -persuading the group to leave the sea and head back to the Centre is sometimes the toughest part of the session!

Barmouth Bay is a sea area rich in wildlife and to top off the surfing experience you might find something of interest washed up on the shore or be lucky enough to see porpoise or dolphin passing by.

Your options

After a short introduction to either the body boards or the surf boards, we would expect to see most novices catching waves and experiencing the thrill of surfing towards the beach. The local beach at Fairbourne is a favourite choice with younger groups, and is only five minutes drive from the Centre. If the conditions are favourable we'll take you along the coast to Tywyn.

Throughout the session participants work in pairs - the 'buddy system'. This approach encourages the participants to support, encourage and look after each other - all under the watchful eye of their instructor.

image of a child concentrating and about to try to stand up whilst on a surf board image of young people stood by their upright surf boards waving at the camera image of an instructor helping a young person about to catch a wave when surfing