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Mine exploration


The mountains of Snowdonia have been exploited for their rock and mineral wealth for centuries. The legacy of this historical exploration is mountains laced with tunnels and chambers.

Your options

We are very lucky to have private access to a local slate mine, where we can take you on an underground adventure. As we explore the network of tunnels and chambers we will tell you about the rock and the life and work of the Welsh slate miners in Victorian times.

This adventure blends the challenges of underground exploration with an insight into the industrial heritage of Wales, adding both a historical and cultural dimension to the experience.

For more experienced explorers there are plenty of fascinating systems to choose from and occasionally we host guided mine exploration weekends for the enthusiast. For more information please contact

image of a child with a candle looking at the camera inside a mine image of a group of children with helmets and head torches looking upwards at what the instructor is pointing at image of a group of children with hand held lights