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Mountain walking


The mountain environment of Snowdonia is a stunning, magical landscape. Journeying in the mountains sees the physical challenge rewarded with a wilderness experience combining rugged terrain, changing weather patterns and breathtaking beauty.

Your options

For younger children, we are fortunate to have some 'mini-mountains' on our doorstep. These walks encapsulate all aspects of the mountain experience and even the most reluctant 'mountaineers' can usually be coaxed to the top.

As an alternative to reaching a summit, groups can explore the uplands using one of our photo walks. The information provided enables the children to navigate their journey using instructions, maps and photographs. And what better place to bring to life lessons from the classroom - mountain features, rivers, land use, conservation or the more mysterious world of Celtic myths and legends

For the more adventurous it's a short step from the Centre to the grandeur of the Cader Idris range or the wildness of the Rhinogedd .  The classic glaciated features of Cader Idris are a focal point for geography field study groups as well as mountaineers.

For bigger mountains and bigger adventures further afield, keep an eye on the 'Arthog Away' section.

 image of two boys stood in front of a gate wearing woolly hats, gloves and rucksacks facing the camera with their maps six children laying on the ground on top of a hill facing the camera, some with their heads resting in their hands child posing with one foot on rock looking at the camera in snowy conditions
image of one child receiving a hand from child above to climb a steep section when hill walking