Apply for a Postal or Proxy Vote

If you choose to vote by post, you will not be required to visit your local polling station on the day of the election. You can apply for a postal vote for one particular election or for all elections until you tell us otherwise.

How do Postal Votes work?

When voting by post, you should mark your vote on the ballot paper in secret and seal the envelope yourself.

You will also be asked to give your date of birth and signature when applying for a postal or proxy vote. This makes postal voting secure, because when you return your postal voting pack your signature and date of birth are checked against those you provided to us previously to confirm your identity.

Your signature and date of birth are separated from your ballot paper before it is counted and therefore providing this information will not affect the secrecy of your vote.

 If you would like to register to vote by post you can apply online by visiting the GOV.UK website to apply for a postal vote.


Please ensure you provide sufficient notice when applying to vote by post to ensure your application can be processed in time.

The deadline to register for a postal vote is 11 working days before polling day.

Last updated: 16/11/2021 15:22

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