Apply for a Postal or Proxy Vote

What is a Proxy Vote?

A proxy voter is someone you trust who you have nominated to vote on your behalf. You can choose to vote by proxy for just one election, or have a permanent or long-term proxy vote.

You are eligible for a proxy vote if:

  • you are registered blind
  • you receive the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance
  • there are circumstances resulting in you being unable to visit the polling station at a particular election, for example because you are on holiday.

In order to vote by proxy, please apply online by visiting the Electoral Commission website to vote by proxy ensuring you provide reasons as to why you cannot attend the polling station in person. Whether or not your reason is accepted will vary depending on:

  • the type of proxy vote you apply for
  • when you apply
  • where in the UK you’re registered to vote.


Please ensure you provide sufficient notice when applying to vote by proxy to ensure your application can be processed in time.

The deadline to register for a proxy vote is 6 working days before polling day.

The deadline to register for a postal proxy is 11 working days before polling day.

Last updated: 16/11/2021 15:39

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