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Register to vote

Visit the GOV.UK website to register to vote

Important information

Please note: if you haven't been given a National Insurance number, you will need to provide a reason when applying. We will then contact you to provide further evidence as to your identity.

Visit the GOV.UK website to register to vote online

Why register?

  • You must be on the electoral register to vote in future elections and referendums.
  • By law, you must respond to an invitation to register to vote or you could be fined up to £80.
  • If you are not on the register you may find it harder to get a loan, mortgage, finance agreement, or even a mobile phone contract as the register is used by credit reference agencies.

Check if you're registered to vote

Complete our online form to see if you have already registered to vote

Please note: if you have only recently registered, please wait at least two working days before contacting us and you must not check on behalf of someone else.

View our map to find your local polling station

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