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Home composting

Why compost?

Home composting is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly, sustainable way to manage your garden waste.

It produces a nutrient rich soil enhancer for your garden which helps your plants grow better.

There are no garden waste bins to remember to put out for collection and the more people who home compost, the fewer collection vehicles are required to collect garden waste across the borough and fewer lorry loads being transported to composting sites.

Telford & Wrekin Council declared a climate emergency in 2019, it is now working, along with partners, to help make the borough carbon neutral by 2030. By composting your garden waste, you will be supporting Telford and Wrekin's journey to net zero.

More information on how to get started

For lots of useful advice and handy tips about home composting you can visit:

Veolia's website for some useful composting information


Recycle Now for more composting information.

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