Need help on computers

Library staff are trained to help get you started and can assist with quick and basic problems. If you need more advanced help, Telford and Wrekin Libraries can offer the following support:

Basic IT support 

Do you know someone getting left behind in the digital world or need some help yourself ? We offer a free basic IT support in person by appointment, over the phone or video call.

We can offer help in using devices including smartphones, tablet computers and personal computers and support on tasks including setting up email, safely searching the internet, using apps or using office computer packages. We can also set up additional support with one to one sessions with our IT volunteers.

Contact us for more information about basic IT support.

All council run Telford & Wrekin Libraries are Online Centre Network registered. Visit the Online Centre Network website. These libraries include Southwater, Madeley, Wellington, Oakengates @ The Place and Newport. View information about our libraries.

At these libraries you can access:

  • public access computers
  • free Wifi
  • get free basic IT support or register for one to one support.

Our community libraries at Dawley, Stirchley, Hadley Learning Community and Donnington have free Wifi and public access computers. Please note: due to COVID-19 some of these services may not be available, please contact the library before you visit. View information about our community libraries.

Visit the learn my way website to access free online courses for beginners wishing to develop their digital skills using computers, touch screen devices, getting online and the most commonly used computers packages including Microsoft Office.

Many courses require no registration but to track your progress and receive support you will need to create an account. Telford and Wrekin Libraries are part of the Online Centres Network and if you register using one of the codes below you can receive additional support from our team. Please choose the code for the nearest centre to your location.

The Learn My Way centre codes for Telford and Wrekin Libraries are as follows:

This table shows the Learn My Way centre codes.
Southwater Library 8007253
Wellington Library 7015
Newport Library 6744
Madeley Library 6697
Oakengates Library 6752

Last updated: 13/09/2021 15:18

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