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Jackfield stabilisation project

In late 2013 by the government announced that funding had been granted to carry out a stabilisation scheme in Jackfield. Telford & Wrekin Council immediately proceeded with developing the design of the project. The funding was provided due to the history of ground movement that has been taking place in Jackfield.

The contract for the enabling works phase of the scheme which comprised tree felling and site clearance was awarded to McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd and was completed in March 2014.

The contract for the main phase of the project was also awarded to McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd. This contract commenced on 31 March 2014 and the main works were completed in October 2016. The works comprised the following elements:

  • drilling and grouting with a weak concrete mix to fill the historic mining voids to prevent future collapse which could undermine the piles
  • steel and concrete piles of 600mm diameter and up to 14m length have been sunk into the ground and rock, in nine rows across the hillside
  • the installation of concrete columns in the Maws Meadow to reduce river bank erosion
  • river bank revetment works including placing large boulders along the river bank to reduce river bank erosion
  • earthworks to smooth out levels and re-grade slopes ready for replanting
  • land drainage to reduce high groundwater levels
  • major works to create temporary roads through the site to maintain public access to homes and businesses, and the eventual construction of a permanent road
  • new highway construction and creation of river side footpaths
  • creation of tile trail and picnic area
  • extensive re-landscaping and ecology works.

Landscape maintenance

The scheme included extensive landscape restoration works including grass seeding and the planting of thousands of shrubs and trees. The Contractor McPhillips will be inspecting, managing and maintaining the landscaping for a further three years until October 2019. 

Photos of pre works 2013 and post scheme 2017

Jackfield pre works picture Jackfield post scheme works picture

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