Home to school transport

Thank you to all of you who submitted a response as part of our Home to School and Post 16 Travel Assistance Consultation. These have been considered and a full report along with the revised policy is due to be submitted to our Cabinet for consideration on Thursday 19 March 2020.

The Council looks to parents and carers to make arrangements for their children to travel safely to their chosen or allocated school where possible and only where we have a statutory duty to do so, will the Council provide funded travel assistance. If you are unable to transport your child to school and believe you are eligible for support from the Council under our statutory duty, please complete the online transport application.

Do I need to re-apply?

  • If you are already in receipt of transport assistance and have moved house since you initially applied or your child is moving school you must re-apply as your eligibility could have changed.
  • Parents/carers for children over the age of 16 must re-apply for assisted transport every academic year.

Important information 

  • Paper applications are no longer accepted and all applications must be made through the online transport application.
  • Due to eligibility checks that are undertaken when considering an application, it can take up to 20 working days to process.

Please note: all applications must be made through the online transport application. Please be aware that as all applications are looked at on individual basis this could take up to 20 working days. If you are applying for your child for September 2020 all applications must be received by the 30 June 2020. If any applications are received after this date your child will not necessarily get transport in time for the start of the new school term.

Last updated: 3.26pm on Tuesday 3 March 2020

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