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School travel plans

A school travel plan is a series of practical steps for improving children's safety on the journey to and from school. The plan has benefits for both the school and the wider community. It helps reduce the numbers of cars on the road at peak times and contributes to the improvement of the environment around the school.

All schools within the borough are being encouraged to develop and implement school travel plans, which aim to:

  • reduce traffic congestion around school
  • increase personal safety of pupils and parents on the way to and from school
  • offer children and parents an alternative choice of travel mode
  • improve health and fitness
  • meet school pupil needs by identifying problems they face on the school journey
  • develop pupil independence and self esteem
  • reduce the vicious circle of school travel (parents fear danger from traffic, parents drive children/pupils to school, traffic increases, parents fear danger from traffic).

Develop and maintain a school travel plan

Developing a school travel plan doesn't need to be a complex or lengthy process. The content of the plan will vary according to the specific needs of individual schools.

Ideally the plan should be a living document (one that will be subject to change and improvement).

We do not expect schools to develop and implement travel plans without assistance. The Road Safety team can support schools wishing to update or develop a school travel plan. As an authority we do this using the online tool Modeshift STARS. Modeshift STARS is the centre of excellence for the delivery of effective travel plans in education, business and community settings. The STARS Education scheme recognises schools and other educational establishments that have shown excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable and active travel.

Visit the Modeshift STARS website for information about travel plans

Launched in 2008, the STARS Education scheme is supported by the Department for Transport and has seen over 1,400 schools in England achieve accreditation since its inception. The Modeshift STARS online travel plan toolkit provides a comprehensive travel plan tool that assists in:

  • creating, developing and implementing travel plans
  • monitoring and evaluating Travel Plans and the initiatives contained within them
  • recognising and rewarding excellence in the promotion of sustainable and active travel.

Modeshift STARS offers National Accreditation for sites that have demonstrated best practice in the implementation of their travel plan. Sites are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation, with Silver and Gold reserved only for those sites that achieve a reduction in single-occupancy car journeys to/from their site.

For a small fee schools can get bespoke advice and support from one of our team who will guide schools through the accreditation process.

Last updated: 16/08/2022 09:54

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