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Walking buses

Anyone can set up a walking bus but we recommend that you approach your Headteacher and local road safety officer for help. 

Stage 1

Find out which parents are interested and where they live.

The buses' success will rely on having an enthusiastic co-ordinator and enough volunteers to share the 'driving' and 'conducting'. The more parents involved, the less time each volunteer will need to commit!

In Telford and Wrekin we work to a recommended ratio of adults to children of at least 1 to 8 which is a good starting point when organising your rota. All trained, drivers and conductors are covered by the Council's third party liability insurance.

Stage 2

The school arranges background checks on the volunteers.

This is done through the Criminal Records Bureau and can take up to 6 weeks, so make allowances for this when you are planning a start date.

Stage 3

Agree a Route.

The Road Safety Officer will assess it's suitability and give basic road safety training to all the volunteers.

Stage 4

Get your equipment and paperwork.

High visibility jackets for adults and pupils are available from the Road Safety team, along with copies of all the paperwork you will need.

Stage 5

Arrange a start date.

Agree the date with the school and arrange for them to let parents know. Make sure all parents have completed a consent form and then you are ready to start operating your walking bus!

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