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Travelling to school

School pupils in Telford and Wrekin are encouraged to travel to school in active ways such as walking and cycling. Safety and school gate congestion are major concerns for parents, school staff and local residents.

Almost 39% of pupils in Telford and Wrekin travel to school by car. This represents around 20,000 car journeys each day (over 3 million car journeys each school year). No wonder there is congestion outside so many of our schools!

For many pupils, travelling to school by car is simply a habit. Like any habit it will be hard to break. In fact we have already learned that it takes time to bring about any changes in travel habits but by working in partnership with schools and parents we are more likely to be successful.

Telford and Wrekin aims to encourage active and safe ways of travelling to our schools. A number of our schools are already involved in road safety and active travel initiatives. If you are a parent/guardian, member of school staff, local resident or anyone wanting to see a shift in travel to school behaviour please get in touch.

Last updated: 04/08/2022 09:54

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